Wu Tang Playstation Controller + Burger King Cologne

A few years back there was this tottaly awesome game called Wu Tang: Shaolin Style.
It was a fighting game for the original Playstation and it featured all 9 Wu members + a dozen other weird characters. The game RULED. Everything from Methods huge sledge hammer to Raekwons quick boxing style to exclusive tracks made just for the game - it was great.

There is ONE thing i didnt know about, and its this. The exclusive, limited edition WU controller that came out with the limited edition of the game. God damn it.
I would love to get a hold of one of these but they cost like 100gs on ebay, easy. Maybe more.

Probably even more then the exclusive Burger King cologne that was released by The King. I picked up a few bottles to sell on ebay and to make millions. Millions. Shit smells horrible - kind of like skii wax and pine needles. Where is the flame broiled taste I was promised??? You're telling me I paid $3.99 for this and it smells this bad? I wasnt expecting some Juan Paul Gaultier aroma, but this is not good at all. Still awesome. And I love it. Weird huh?

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