Bacon Explosion = WOW

This is just too good. I love bacon, sausage, any meat, really. BBQ sauce, spices, whatever. Grilling and such. THIS takes it to another level, kicks it up a notch, man o man, I'm at loss for words. I'm DEFFINATELY trying this recipie out, it might take me a long time to eat, I might make one a bit smaller, but its getting done. Might add some personal touches too. For one, I think chorizo would do this right.... Enjoy.



Michigan Party Time

Too Good for Words.

hop. skip. jump.

I forgot my breakfast - Gallardo LP560-4

I forgot my breakfast at home today. I usually bring in some strawberries or a kiwi to work in the morning, to start me off nice, but was in a bit of a rush today. Luckily once I got to the office I can across this banana. Jesus. LP560-4 pushes out a 5.2L v10, close to 560hp, 60 in less then 3.7s. But who gives potato juice about that - look at the god damn thing. Tiff Needell test drove one a few days back, on a ice/snow course of all things, dang dang dang.
One day.


Upstate Livin: Summer 08 Edition

evil creatures. and fun fun fun upstate.

The Food Life: Vol 5

the yellow, whites and browns. fish and chips. bodingtons. eggs and such.


Do you want to own a piece of History?

Yea, well, here is our banner for ya! Our graphic design team spent DECADES putting this puppy together, but you and 99 others** are lucky enough to download it for free. Right click on the magic, save it, and put it everywhere you can/can't. Its really that good and we're really that nice.

Start your monday off right, put the C2D banner as your desktop background and then fight off questions from the snoopers. "what is it", "how did you get it", "are you friends with them" ???

Just say "dont worry about it - get your own at create2destroy.com"

**while supplies last


Galapagos Bike Shorts

Ah nice, i might have to check this out. Galapagos is a nice spot - and i would know, since i work at 45 Main st and these fools are at 16 Main. Which makes us neighbors, I'm sick of them comming over to borrow sugar, matches and condoms. Just ride your bikes and leave me alone, damn it. However, i'm curious to see what kind of bike shorts they got. Zipper pockets? Are they comfy? Big skinny wheeled bikes or little ones with pegs? Maybe big bouncy ones? Expect C2D to be there doing homework and giving out free packets of salt/pepper. I spoted this on prollyisnotprobably.com - which is a trickster bicycle blog. Neat.

C2D Street/Dirt Edit in works

The rumor has it, C2D team is working on its first Street/Dirt Edit. Look out for it in the next few days/weeks/months...
Original soundtrack, of course, is to be expected, Vico The Don teams up with Digi the Doodles V to produce a fuckin ginger epic.

Oh Sweet Jesus, Sweet Baby Jesus, Help our SUVs!!!

I dont know about you, but i sure as hell hope that sweet baby Jesus and his pops shine a light of hope down onto the Devils Machines. If not the jesus, maybe obama can do something about these babies?
And what about the lil fella upfront shaking it down?
But then again, if it wasnt for high clearance of the these sweet GM 4x4s (or are these the sensitive 2x4 street versions??) they wouldnt even make it up on the stage. Unless there were some ramps involved. Either way, Jesus, make it happen.


North America's Biggest Underground Metal Party Of The Year!

I know, I know, its a shitty picture, but check out a full page here. Maryland Death Fest. Its a crazy lineup, Phobia, Napalm Death, Pestilence, Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer, and Barbara Streisand!!! Look out Maryland!
I think if I had a band performing here it would be called Kneel Die Man.

Photo Bonanza #6

Bikes. Boobies. Boats. Bright. Birds. Beer. Beats. Bounce.


Snowscrappers NYC Event - Feb 5th

I'll be there.
Evertime i train it across Willyburg bridge i see the GIGANTIC setup growing and growing.
Cant wait. something like 7 stories tall for the run in, 5 story tall jump, 3 story tall landing = all nasty. Be there, I sure will be. Redbull never dissapoints as far as the extreme events go. As far as taste and function, thats another story.


How Is It We Don't Know This Guy???

He seems like someone we would know from back in the day right???


Knog Nerd with Functions and Shayzah

my birthday is next week, so how about all of you c2d fans put you paperdough together and cop me one of these fancy computahs. first u'll have to build a time machine, of course, since they are not out yet.
12 functions black on black, son!!!


Late Last Year Before Obama Put Down His Thang Thang

pictures. tonns of bikes - bike city USA. beer and other. keg stands throwback LES style. no outsiders.


Hip Hop Aint Dead Vol 23 Was A Banger

So here ya go. Give a listen and blast off...

dead prez, nine, bronze nazareth, jadakiss, lil wayne, scarface, spacek, devon, illa j, khrome, sean price, chino xl, royce 59, cnn, gnd, lord finesse, ruste juxx, mop, showbiz, ag, kardinall offishal, dre, pusha t, ketchphrase and bunch of dudes from the D

And if yer ready for V24:

Airs Wednesday afternoons on Wheatbreadradio.com

YoWelli Bars

Anson Wellington is dropping some bars on all a yall. This batch doesnt have crossbars, but the next might.

"In this small run they have 4 inches of rise, the up and back sweep is comfy, you can understand why. They are also 25.4mm straight thru so you would need an oversize brake lever like the Dirty Harry"


Tonic Pride

Look at the craftsman ship on this baby - makes me proud to ride a Tonic - keep up the good work Landon - where is my exclusive bike check :)