Grand Theft Auto 4 Viral Marketing

Check this out - GTA4's new marketing campaign. Pretty darn sneaky - surely will get some people to freak out/complain. Neat. April 29th just CANT come soon enough.

Wu is coming through, the outcome is critical

There is really no need to stress how amazing the show was. I've been to too many hiphop shows, and this one, by far, was the most intense, energetic, exciting and simply the "fun"est show yet and possibly ever. I guess this is equivalent of going to a Michael Jackson show. I went in planning on loosing my voice, and I succeeded. Whether it was "Fleeing with the lottery/Possibly they spotted me" or "Handcuffed in back of a bus/Forty of us" - it didnt matter, we all knew it and screamed it. RZA was missing, for whatever wack/cranky/surely insignificant as far as fans care little reason, but it didnt matter, it was a spectacle. Redman made a short appearance for the Da Rockwilder cut. Petty Pablo, of all people, was bouncin in the back. Shit, even Pdiddy was on the side of the stage, throwin up a big ass W. After pushing my way to the front I snapped over a hundred sloppy shots and videos. Shockingly 99% of them came out blurry - I had to choose between jumping up and down buggin out, or standing still and taking shots, hmmmm....... Here are the photos, for now, videos will come later.


A convo between Rhymefest and Lupe (Barack big up)

Now, I'm not sure if ya'll have Myspace accounts, but if you do, this is an interesting read. It steams from a comment that Lupe made in an interview with SOHH.com. I would post the whole text here but it quite alot, plus some of the comments made are interesting. So if you can, click over that way - if not, log in to your girls Myspace account and peep it from there (you know you spy on her, dont trip)

The Dialog between Rhymefest and Lupe


Metal Face Terrorist

MF Doom can take on any medium. On the mic, on the beats, on the decks...... I think next he's gonna start blue grass band and wreck shit. This mix is gem for real tho. Dope ass blends of Mobb Deep, Outkast, MC Lyte, Common, (it goes on and on). Do yourself a favor and download this and make your ears smile.


Turn Up The Bass And Let The Trunk Rattle

In a few weeks we are blessed with an opportunity to celebrate the life and music of Jay Dee aka J Dilla aka James Yancey (1974-2006 RIP). This year Rare Form is coming at us with DONUTS ARE FOREVER 2, Friday Feb 8 at Southpaw in Brooklyn. $5 minimum donation for the Alliance for Lupus Reseach gets you two floors of Dilla. This time, DJ Houseshoes from the D will be hittin the decks takin me back to the days of St Andrews. This should be a bangin time so come out and show some support and respect.


Burnout Paradise

Surely most of you preordered this months ago, but for those who haven't - its dropping today. An addictive Burnout series gets blessed with the latest addition: Burnout Paradise. With never seen before ingame online multi-player integration and most realistic car damage model EVER, this game is redunkulous. PICK IT UP for your PS3, or i guess your xbox360 (if you're into that sort of thing)

Live Mechanics Party With Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

So tonite Live Mechanics are throwing a party to celebrate their new clothing line. Dope line up with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Game Rebellion, Roxy Cottentail and the Biz. This is a private party but you can get in on the guest list, free, by emailing gbh@gbh.tv

Hurry though, its limited list (you can sometimes sneak by the inner door folks at Hiro so give it a shot regardless hehehe).


Aesop at Southpaw, BROOKLYN

That ol' babymakin website Myspace hooks it up sometimes.
Aesop tomorrow night. Be there.


A Breath Of Fresh Air

I been pushing Jay Electronica on my cohorts for some time now, and once folks hear em, they get hooked. His unique style and lyrical mannerisms add some much needed inspiration and hope to the hip hop world. Whether he's flowing over looped Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dilla, Madlib, Mr. Porter etc..., he continues to blow me away. By ignoring traditional song format (14 minute long acts, chorus optional) and exploring new content (UFO's), Jay offers some new life.

Check out his appearance on Gilles Peterson's show earlier this month

He's got plenty of music out there already, just google his name and you'll find about 20 tracks available. A commercial release is scheduled this year on Erykah Badu's Control FreaQ record label.

In the meantime, enjoy these gems:

Bitches and Drugs (J-Dilla Production)

So Whatcha Sayin (J-Dilla Production)

Jay Electronica (J-Dilla Production)

Be Easy

Victory Is In My Clutches (Madlib Production)

Something To Hold Onto (Nottz Production)

A Prayer For Michael Vick and TI (J-Dilla Production)


When The Levies Broke

The Pledge

My World (Nas Salute)

Hard To Get (Mr. Porter Production)

Rare Electro

Extra Extra (Madlib, WMDeez, Nahright Production)

Dimethyltriptamine (J-Dilla Production)

A collection of new shit here

And a really good article here


Tony Starks To The Rescue

This one really saved the day for me.   Just as I was fed up with all the remixes out there for Jay Z's album, DJ Chong Wizard came through with some nice material (and a dope cover too).  Some of these match up perfectly.  Check out Ghostface's verses over Success, kills it.

Download the whole album here.


Wu Tang 14 years later

1994 was the year Wu Tang touched me. That sounds "wrong", but its true. Fresh off the easter european boat and warmed up by serenades of Doggystyle, Bacdafucup and Very Necessary this was different. Thinking back to the day when I saw that life changing infomercial pushing Greatest Hip Hop Hits of '94, I remember it clearly. 10 wicked seconds of C.R.E.A.M. , Method dancing by a burning barrel - "Dolla Dolla bills yooo" - I'll never forget it. I had to have more.

14 years passed by and only NOW am I presented with a chance to see the time capsule who made my hip hop breakthrough possible. Rocking my original WuWear yellow on black "W" hoodie I will push my way up to the stage at Hammerstein this evening. And you better believe I will scream WU TANG WU TANG until I lose my voice all while throwin up a big ass W.


Rhymefest + Mark Ronson + Michael Jackson

Is it just me or is everyone a sucker for these projects where the focus all their samples are from a single artist. Well, except for that Jay-Z / Marvin Gaye American Gangster remix cd. That was a disappointment. I'm crossing my fingers for this one with Rhymefest, Mark Ronson, and a slew of Michael Jackson / Jackson 5 samples.


Keepin It Going

So I wanted to christen this with something new, well too bad. Here's a Vicodeini track to get shit off with a bang.