Wu Tang 14 years later

1994 was the year Wu Tang touched me. That sounds "wrong", but its true. Fresh off the easter european boat and warmed up by serenades of Doggystyle, Bacdafucup and Very Necessary this was different. Thinking back to the day when I saw that life changing infomercial pushing Greatest Hip Hop Hits of '94, I remember it clearly. 10 wicked seconds of C.R.E.A.M. , Method dancing by a burning barrel - "Dolla Dolla bills yooo" - I'll never forget it. I had to have more.

14 years passed by and only NOW am I presented with a chance to see the time capsule who made my hip hop breakthrough possible. Rocking my original WuWear yellow on black "W" hoodie I will push my way up to the stage at Hammerstein this evening. And you better believe I will scream WU TANG WU TANG until I lose my voice all while throwin up a big ass W.

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