Wu is coming through, the outcome is critical

There is really no need to stress how amazing the show was. I've been to too many hiphop shows, and this one, by far, was the most intense, energetic, exciting and simply the "fun"est show yet and possibly ever. I guess this is equivalent of going to a Michael Jackson show. I went in planning on loosing my voice, and I succeeded. Whether it was "Fleeing with the lottery/Possibly they spotted me" or "Handcuffed in back of a bus/Forty of us" - it didnt matter, we all knew it and screamed it. RZA was missing, for whatever wack/cranky/surely insignificant as far as fans care little reason, but it didnt matter, it was a spectacle. Redman made a short appearance for the Da Rockwilder cut. Petty Pablo, of all people, was bouncin in the back. Shit, even Pdiddy was on the side of the stage, throwin up a big ass W. After pushing my way to the front I snapped over a hundred sloppy shots and videos. Shockingly 99% of them came out blurry - I had to choose between jumping up and down buggin out, or standing still and taking shots, hmmmm....... Here are the photos, for now, videos will come later.

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ill pics!!