A Breath Of Fresh Air

I been pushing Jay Electronica on my cohorts for some time now, and once folks hear em, they get hooked. His unique style and lyrical mannerisms add some much needed inspiration and hope to the hip hop world. Whether he's flowing over looped Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dilla, Madlib, Mr. Porter etc..., he continues to blow me away. By ignoring traditional song format (14 minute long acts, chorus optional) and exploring new content (UFO's), Jay offers some new life.

Check out his appearance on Gilles Peterson's show earlier this month

He's got plenty of music out there already, just google his name and you'll find about 20 tracks available. A commercial release is scheduled this year on Erykah Badu's Control FreaQ record label.

In the meantime, enjoy these gems:

Bitches and Drugs (J-Dilla Production)

So Whatcha Sayin (J-Dilla Production)

Jay Electronica (J-Dilla Production)

Be Easy

Victory Is In My Clutches (Madlib Production)

Something To Hold Onto (Nottz Production)

A Prayer For Michael Vick and TI (J-Dilla Production)


When The Levies Broke

The Pledge

My World (Nas Salute)

Hard To Get (Mr. Porter Production)

Rare Electro

Extra Extra (Madlib, WMDeez, Nahright Production)

Dimethyltriptamine (J-Dilla Production)

A collection of new shit here

And a really good article here

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