Amazing. Great job. Makes me want to ride.



New video of holzer hitting up the LES skatepark - music by the hangoutKid

Old Mixtape I Used To Play to Death Back In 96

I was still in High School when I got this, and I was so obsessed with all the clean cuts and blends and it was just so smooth.  A lot of Mobb Deep, Hell On Earth just came out, and lotsa other Queens stuff.   This wasn't the crazy scratchin level of the Scratch Pickle tapes, but just like, classic tape for the whip.   Thanks internet for re-introducing me to this bad boy (no Bad Boy on here, no love for shiny suits).  Ignore all the shouts and shit in the intro, that goes away a few minutes in.


Retarded Song, Dope Video

And a lil extra fun.


Emilio Rojas, Rick Ross, Consequence

The first track is pretty dope. And the lady they got in the video is pretty cute too. You know what, infact, she's very cute. A strong 7/10 in my book. Its one of these situations where I don't know if I would have listened to the song 8 times if it wasn't for the video :P

The Ricky Rosay part from Kanye's Devil in the Red Dress is a keeper too. "Cherry red chariot, excess is just my character / All black tux, ninjas shoes lavender" Heavy.

Listen to some rapper songs.

William Spencer - Circus Tricks

"Oh, you're a legit skater and you don't like circus tricks? Oh well!" - William Spencer


From The Roof

Red Bull Stratos Project

Frat House

Todd Phillips, before he made Old School and Hangover, made this. A documentary about Frat Houses. When in college I was in a frat. They don't have frats back in Russia, so after being in USA for 3 short years and then heading off to college I had no idea what I was in for when I got a bid from "THE COOLEST" frat on campus. I just knew these dudes had some badass parties, and ladies and booze and drugs, so I figured, hell, why not. A football frat at that, and I've never played football in my life. No joke, this movie sums up my experience. And an experience it definitely was.

(And just to make matters worse, after a bit of research I just found out that parts of this were filmed at SUNY Oneonta - the other college campus in my good old college town, no wonder it all felt a bit too real)


Zodiac Mix Series - Part 3: Pisces

 Part 3 of 12 part C-Sick mix series

dusky – someone like me
john talabot – so will be now feat pional
let me love you
isolee – jelly fish
of norway – song for a
pol_on – miss you
jim-e stack – lemme
jacques greene – tell me kingdom edit
octa octa – I’m trying
daniel bortz – limit to your love
para one & teki latex – deep sea creatures
drexciya – wave jumper
kastle – could you want me
jam city – aqua box
cauto – far from you
deadboy – here 4 u
robin s – show me love geeneus remix
throwing snow – equuleus
hackman – close
burial – etched headplate
dj rum – turiya
horsepower productions – rain
zomby – the forest
meech – i want raziek remix
jahcoozi – barefoot dub ramadanman refix
buck uk – without
kingdom – mind reader bok bok remix
vishnu – power of love
ellie goulding -  starry eyed joker remix
bwana – baby let me finish


TURRBOTAX® w/ Rolando, Braiden, and Helix

Friday, March 23rd, 10pm – 4am
@ The Cove 

108 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg BKNY (btw Berry & Wythe)
FREE before 11pm, $5 btw 11pm and Midnight, $10 after Midnight
FREE Beer from 11pm [till it runs out!]
Rolando [ ✈ Detroit → Ostgut Ton → Delsin → Saved → UR]
Braiden [ ✈ London → Doldrums]
Helix [ ✈ Georgia→ LIVE PA → Night Slugs / All Caps ]

Rem Koolhaus

Space Jam
Facebook Invite HERE.
No Party Photography / No MCs / No Crying / No Cellphone Reception / No asking about set times


Action Bronson - Blue Chips

Well screw me sideways and call me Lucy. A new Action Bronson mixtape labeled Blue Chips is upon us.

I been a fan of this dude for awhile now, since THE very first second I heard him in fact, and seeing him live a month or two back just solidified that. There is so much music out there that its hard to listen to it all and often badass motherfuckers like Action go unnoticed and that would be a god damn shame. The dude is a wizard.

Yes, obviously, alot of his lyrics are just simple wordplay and verbal exercise, clever combinations of concepts over carefully picked musical arrangements, braggadocios stories about pulling up to fine dinning establishments in an exquisite rainy sky grey 1986 Saab 900 convertible, eating the gorgeous bare hand caught Alaskan tuna with a side salad of beautiful microgreens blessed with the finest French vinaigrette while twirling lavender purple from the Netherlands. But the way he delivers that package, it actually becomes irrelevant what he is talking about. He's a craftsman. I dunno, maybe its just me, but he makes me smile, he inspires me to write some wicked rap lyric poetry shit. On top of that, he just seems like he would be a nifty dude to lamp with. What a character. His vids are something else too.

Action, if you come across this lil blog and read the whaling of this super fan, hit me up, lets eat some fine Poutine along with some Foie Gras on a spot of a five spice loaf with a glass vessel of delicate Bordeaux grapes. Hell, I'd even momentarily come out of the retirement and procure an artisan skilled bing bing to toast with.



Kid Daytona, Emilio Rojas and P3

Some fresh vids for yall. Give the Kid Daytona vid like 15 seconds, once the beat kicks in it becomes nice (intro is a bit weak). Emilio Rojas track is pretty dope too, and the vid is not so bad either, NSFW though. P3 got a fresh track.

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today v43

Always a big fan of FGFS edits from these Planet Hops dudes. Good vibes. Make me want to go out and ride for reals. The other two edits are not too shabby either.

And today it just so happens to be 68F so it will be a perfect day to session the Iron Boy quarter and grind some thangs.


Paperbikes: Step by Step

Paperbikes posted some pics of they v2 model being built in order to help some modelers who had questions. Check out the pics below, and as always, go to paperbikes to get yours!


Best Of Cellphone Pics v21

 Thugs Do Recover
 Greenpoint Gitmo
 How I Got Bed Bugs
 Bike Tire Thief
 Poop Jokes
 Illuminati Built The Bike Lanes
 Forgotten Cemetary
I'm sure this was used for something legit


paperbikes v1 from UK

Rebecca from UK took these lovely photographs of her completed paperbike v1. Looks great! :) Get yours today.


The Food Life v52: Almost Grill Time

The Grilling seasons is almost upon us. I have a strong feeling that these cold days are nearing their end for the year, this Thursday being a prime example with its 67F ass. Now that the C2D HQ has relocated to a semi-mini-penthouse with a balcony, the charcoal will be toasty more frequent then BMPs at a Turrbotax party. Took me like 15 minutes to come up with that one, and even then I don't think its a good analogy as to how often we're going to get Atkins with it.

In the next 2 weeks there will be a season opening grill down of epic proportions which without a doubt will be covered in this fine corner of the world wide web. Multiple cuts of steak and lamb, 2 kinds of stuffed burgers, mac and cheese, potato salad and of course a cast iron pan full of brussels sprouts and bacon sizzling and causing ruckus as oodles of beer, sake and wine flows - then deposits itself into the well abused livers of happy campers participating in this holiday of Gods slaughtered creations and Mother Natures green friends.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, nor get too excited, lets keep it together - or else we'll never get out of this mess alive. Retain a trace of dignity at this early pre-lunch hour or the masses will take you for a cheap clown drunk with hunger. Talk is cheap, actions are expensive, digital photography will marry the two.

Moisten your loins on the pictures below, from the years past. Good day.


Владимир Высоцкий - Vladimir Visotsky

To any Russian of any age, Vladimir Visotsky needs no introduction. The man was a legend. A brutal poet, a wizard of words and delivery, always lacing his political and social commentaries with street slang like a well versed criminal. Rough guttural voice ravished by stress, booze, drugs and smoke. Straight forward, with no topic spared or untouched during Communist times when most would think a dozen times before speaking privately, let alone internationally about the state of affairs, he lived a short life of a singer, actor, performer with most of it plagued by drink.

When I was a little kid growing up in Moscow, my father would often play Visotsky on full blast, singing along and playing the guitar, so I came to love his music at an early age, perhaps subconsciously fueling my love for hiphop as I got older. Visotsky's dark wit and humor mixed in with clever wordplay would make him one hell of a MC. In fact, he is often quoted and referenced throughout Russian hiphop. He died summer of 1980.

Last  year a movie was made about the last few years of his life, and apparently got poor reviews but that is irrelevant. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Below is the trailer and a few of my favorite tracks by Vladimir, I don't expect most to "get it" as it is quite an acquired taste, but I assure you, this dude fuckin tears it up and I listen to him often when I need a little pick me up or a reminder about priorities in life.


2005 - .243 becomes Evil DOC

In the eternal search for better equipment that will magically make me not suck at riding while also making me a better human being all around, a short few year period saw a few frame/fork combos.

Here we see a small .243 with a Sherman Jumper become a small Evil DOC. Big fat Holy Rollers, huge disc brake, lock on Oury grips, mandatory Chris King headset and Thomson seatpost. Once complete, I remember really liking this ride. My rolling barspins off of curbs were stuck with authority. No drop to flat was safe. Not a single street in this damn town was prone to a wicked skid.

Shortly it was replaced by a Tonic Fallguy - but more on that later.

Fun fact #72: I'm still rocking those Profile cranks, either because they are that well built or because I ride like a sunflower.

I'll take one of each, please