Jesus hates bikers

It's official. The Jesus of NYC hates bikers. Why else would he do this to us - and especially me. He knows I've been dying to bike, he deffinately knows I just built up a new ride, but does he care? Does he?

I'll give you a hint - look outside (if your in NYC area that is, if you're in cali or something, screw off)

Guess what NYC Jesus, I wanted to finally go to Imax 3D and see Avatar today anyway, so its not that big of a deal... but don't let this happen again or else.


King Of NY 2009

Our good friend here at C2D, Yoni Arava, just sent over this proper edit of the King Of New York event that went down over the summer. It's nice as always - what else do you expect from the man with an eye of an eagle? And when you see it and repost it - tell 'em where you saw it first! :)

Get that Exacto knife and Glue ready

Michael Johansson is the man behind this amazing piece and I love it on many different levels. When I first spotted this on Prolly I immediately thought to myself - YES! FINALLY a plastic bike model kit! I love these things! I wonder what other bikes there are in the series..........DAMN :(

This this is a 1:1 scale installation. Amazing, but unfortunately not plastic to cut out and glue together. Upon closer inspection, it's a real disassembled bike. Doesn't make this any less awesome, but deep down it was a bit of a let down for me. Regardless, if you enjoy this even a 1/10 of how much I did, you just might pee your pants. I did.

"As a child I was fascinated building models. I remember breaking off the pieces from the surrounding plastic sticks that were leftover from the casting process and subsequently gluing the pieces back together in the right order by following the instruction manual.

A real bike is turned back into a space of imagination. By this I wanted to address the similarities between different contexts and spin concepts such as size and belonging."

Benz G500 Unfolded

"In search of the optimal look we busily folded, bent and rumpled. We visited exhibitions, combed through books and searched YouTube. Many innocent sheets had to sacrifice their lives for new techniques and colour shadings." SEHSUCHT is the production company behind this amazing ad. Simply LOVE the concept and execution.

Yes, the planet is going to shit, yes, we're about to run out of oil, and yes, I may not be able to score myself one of these until its Mad Max out there - but mark my words, the day will come.

By the way, Chris, thanks for sharing your dream from last night about how I stole a BMW and we were joy riding it wild, however, this would be what I'd target on that mission.


Back By unPopular Demand

so, i wasnt gonna post this, but then i decided it was necessary


Hip Hop Ain't Dead - Vol 26

So, we gave this one to ya a few weeks back to stream, but for those that missed out, here it is again.

All sorts of goodies on here:
Tenacity, Black Milk, Elzhi, Fashawn, Rapper Pooh, Sha Stimuli, Jr Reid, Jadakiss, Styles P,
Souls Of Mischief, Tree City, Dizz1, Waajeed, Method Man, Skyzoo, Bekay, RA, Fuzz and Mac,
Snoop, Slum Village, Debruit, NYGz, Taranchyla, Fashawn, Wildchild, Danny Brown, Jay Electronica, Guilty Simpson, Royce, Elzhi, Slum Village, Shafiq Husayn Nottz, Spec Boogie, and a few more here and there.

Contakt @ Sin Sin Lounge This Tuesday

Contact from Turrbotax and the New Paltz crew Crown & Anchor prepare to create a Tuesday night mess of bass and booze tomorrow at Sin Sin. Broken Teeth in the house. Expect the Watchtower Wobble crew to bring just that.

Sin Sin
248 E. 5th St. /Btwn 2nd & 3rd ave.

DRINK SPECIALS: 2 for 1 wells 'til 12 am / beer & Shot $8

NEW $3 Bud + Bud Light 10-midnight *****


Streaming live every week at


A step back

Now that I have access to a darkroom and negative scanner, its about time I give this analogue thing a try. I've never officially shot film before - a pure digital shooter since my first camera, a 3.2MP canon s30 back in 2001. Maybe I'm tired of the aesthetic ambiguity digital provides. Either way, I welcome this Nikkormat to my stable, and thank the bed stuy Argentinian for lending it to me - its in good hands.

ODB's uncut

ODBs uncut, in all of their 33" glory. toooo much. about to chop about 2" off each side and remove all the spacers under the stem.


Yowelli bars + shirt. Finaly in hand

Can't wait to put these babies on. Thanks Anson - looking forward to them Yowelli frames, comming next year ;)


Cypher Vision

I'm not a surfing fan, but I enjoy watching people shred and flow - no matter the element. I thought this film was well done. Sick visuals courtesy of high speed digital cinema cameras worth hundreds of thousands of dollars + some film-makers who know how to use them.

What Valentines Means To You!

How much are gonna spend on Valentine's Day

So, by this we can tell a few things. even though our viewers are all men, they are still hopeless romantics, much like a julia roberts movie. The key is to find what they are romantic for. Bikes, guns, video games, olsen twins abductions. Maybe a few of you have that special someone (27%), but the same percentage are disgusted with the whole thing entirely. Also, the same 27% use duct tape and a windowless van to show their romantic side. Doors that won't open from the inside are a extra touch. The ribbon, wrapping the box of candy if you will. now, if you have that special sound proof room in your basement, thats going a bit too far, unless you like to throw parties of the non-molesting variety. Sound proof is only cool if it keeps out music, NOT the screams of children.

Crafts are a good hobby though. we here at C2D strongly encourage the ol arts&crafts and anything with popsicle sticks, hair, blood, semen, and fecal matter are tasteful in our opinion. photo submissions are also encouraged. No more photos of you in sexy positions with guitar hero and guns though.

Nothing - Ain't no weight holdin me down 4 (18%)
10 0 (0%)
20 2 (9%)
50 2 (9%)
100 0 (0%)
200+ 2 (9%)
Nothing - I'm a girl 0 (0%)
Stupid Yankee holidays 6 (27%)
My stalking victims get nothing but the finest dolls made of toenails and blood 6 (27%)

Votes so far: 22

Spec Boogie Finally Releases Vid For Bed Stuy

Spec Boogie - Bed Stuy from Boombaye' on Veeemeo.

damn, most of this was shot 2 blocks from my spot. birdels, the tshirt shop on fulton, my veggie shop, the golden krust i avoid, ali's roti shop, slave theatre.

i'm sure some of ya'll got some spec boogie stories

Yowelli ODB Bars

We support Yowelli around here at C2D. Soon the office rig will be sporting some fresh ones. Just need to decide on what stem to run. SO far the Shadow Strike FL is a strongest contender. Light, sexy and has a neat little cutout on the side - and by now pretty much everyone knows how much we love cutouts around these here (bike) parts. Heh.

Here it is pictured.
But whats pictured below is the real meat of this post. I was cyberstalking Yowelli ODB Bars, and amongst the sea of Polish and Canadian forums speaking on the subject I came across a certain Flickr account that contained some pics of the bars pre-welding of the cross bars.
I'm a big fan of the cross-bar-less bars, but what a hell, I'll give it a shot. Thought these pics were neat and I thought that all of you might enjoy them as well.


Arizona, here I come...

I'm totally bringing my bike on the next AZ trip. Guns, grill and bikes!




The Food Life: Vol 20 - Warm Weather Edition

On a snowy wet cold day like today, I sure do miss summer and I'm looking forward to it more then ever. A cooler full of delicious variety of beers, hot coals ready for action, chopping up some beef, lamb and pork to make those perfect shishkabobs. I won't lie, I just made and ate a quick lil fresh tomatoes/basil/garlic/olive oil sauce over linguine, so I'm not so hungry - but a simple mention of shiskabobs and lambic got me drooling. Summer, where are you. Not even summer, how about just 50F+

Capital Punishment

A new bike for 2010. Its not dialed yet, few odd things need attention, but here is a little taste. A taste of Poland aka NS bikes.

Now just gotta wait for this damn snow to go away. Wet all day every day :(

A while back we spoke about some Powerblock Tioga tires, a reader left a comment to see them mounted on the cycle - there it is in the back, doesn't look too fat. Not too heavy, super grippy. Best part? It's cheap = wicked long skids everywhere, ALL THE TIME.

I want to ride!


Turn Up The Bass Meets Turrbotax

Unit.One Presents

Turn Up the Bass!

A Night Dedicated to The Lower Ends in Life

Tues. Feb. 16, 2010

Mayster and Rem Koolhaus (Turrbotax)
supported by BROKEN TEETH

Sin Sin
248 E. 5th St. /Btwn 2nd & 3rd ave.

DRINK SPECIALS: 2 for 1 wells 'til 12 am / beer & Shot $8
NEW $3 Bud + Bud Light 10-midnight *****


Streaming live every week at

Welcome To Grime St

Saw this edit on Prolly's site and just had to repost. Some serious stuff in there, and just when you think some line are dope - remember that this is done on a fixed gear, just to kick it up a notch. Serious props. Keep up the good work! I want to see what the clothing line will look like, and who knows, maybe I'll pick up a T. "The Grime is an east coast based trick specific fixed clothing line by Mike Schmitt, Ed Wonka, and Joe Krillz. Check out GrimeSt.com in the near future for more information."


Turrbotax pics

Lazers, smoke machines, free beer, and a bunch of committed DJ's - the last turrbotax was epic.


Create2Destroy's 04-05 Bicycle Edit

The long awaited 04-05 edit is here. Long awaited by the 5 people who are in it, that is. Back when fun was fun and money grew on trees. Now that fun is no longer fun, and money is a root similar to horseradish one has to look at edits from 6 years ago to reminisce for a few minutes. Some old footy from Sunnyside, Banks, Htown, Shaolin, Brooklyn and such. All filmed in lo-res glory with a shaky hand. Enjoy. And yes, I'm speaking to you Gideon, Charlie, Andrew, Tim, Shino, Anson, Jim, and Rob. Ride on!

I agree with Chase Hawk

I try not to be a chronic reposter of news and vids found on 57 other sites and blogs and whatnot, but what the hell. It is snowing, I haven't ridden my bike in weeks, and this is a vid of summer and trails and Chase Hawk's thoughts on whips and tables and 3s along with a how-to from the man himself.


i wouldn't put it on my car...

but i think i might adorn most of my other property with these....

for sale here, along with lots of other shit, some good, some a bit too rightwing:


(*sorry Donde, no "Extremely Rightwing" stickers available)

My BMX Runs Too Well

This guy right here always has a refreshing edit. Love it. Nice track too!

Roller Coaster App To The Rescue

So you always wanted to design a roller coaster to install in your backyard, but you're short a few million dollars to do proper research and development? Or perhaps you need to design a perfect roll-in for your new jump spot and you don't know how much momentum you'll need? Or perhaps you want to pull a jack-ass inspired looptyloop move, but you actually want to go for it and live?

Do not fear - we here at C2D dug deep into our corporate pockets and are offering a sweet application just for that - but free of charge (well, at least to you - we are paying dearly - and you thought that giving up time for an internship is alot, how about a kidney?)



Brooklyn Love

I was kinda expectin for them to sneak in the ol Nkiru Books storefront. But I guess it's a hair salon or tattoo parlor now. good work tho

I Never Sleep, Cause Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

So how much DO you all sleep on average? We ran a poll last week to find out just that and the results, I must say, make me happy. 6 hours is what I get, and it appears that 42% of you are working on about the same amount. Good good. There was a handful of you who had the luxury of 7, 8 hours. A few who only got painful 5 or under, and of course a few class clowns who had to be rebellious and give a big ol' "fuck you" to the c2d's scientific and holy research and vote for 11+ hour option. But then again, I guess thats why we put that option there...

6 hours is not really enough, and I often find myself yawning here and there, but it will have to do.

Yowelli got shirts now

C2D's close homie Anson YoWelli Wellington got new shirts out and about. Get one from Yowelli.com

Chrissy Murderbot Gonna Kill NYC

Wanna taste of this business, check out Murderbot's mixtape site here
Mad styles, something for everyone.

Like this one

Tuesday at Sin Sin, mad drink specials too.


Gil Scott-Heron Kills It At The Banks

an check new Barrington Levy

The Food Life: Vol 19

The Food Life, Sushi Edition. I'm hungry.


Big Bike Tricks Caught On Video Tape/Flash Memory

Good track, fun tricks. Nice and straight forward. I like it - and I say ya'll did a good job.
Freshly stolen from VVCforce. Look for a VVCForce interview soon!

Best of Cellphone pics V.4

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