Walk On By.....

DJ C-Sick Isaac Hayes Mix


Tompkins Square Riot 20th Anniversary Show

I'm not really going to go into the history of the 88 riots here, just show some pics from the anniversary show.

Witch Hunt
Leftover Crack

CALI: 1 of . . .


This Cracks Me Up

I mean, its cool that Stringz is doing his thing and all, but the second half of this clip just makes me lose it. Like jazzercise or some shit. Come to think of it, I'm sure some hardcore jittin would burn crazy calories. Richard Simmonds Sweatin To Aux 88???


You Better Have Your Digital Riot Gear Ready

Man, I can smell the molotov cocktails just thinking about this one. Anyone else think this would lead to chaos on a very wide scale? The binary battles appear to be on the horizon. Kinda interesting to see which conflicts will take place in reality or online. Exchanging 0's and 1's like digital bullets.


Exclusive Olympic BMX Clips

Since I've yet to see anything from NBC on this yet, we had to send out C2D staff to Beijing to capture these exclusive clips. Be warned, the quality is a bit shitty, as we had to sneak our cameras by the Chinese authorities. Poor Curtis will never be the same again.

New Beats

Some treats for ya'll to enjoy.



Random Grime

And a little something we like to call......Blue Thunder Wolf!!!

The Goldmine

Perfect for diggin, or simply appreciating.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only that can have records bring em to tears.

Shouts to Shino for the vid.


National Buffalo Wing Festival

August 30-31st in Buffalo, NY there will be 7th Annual chicken wing festival. Event not to be missed. Last year 74,000 wing lovers polished off over 500,000 wings. How about that. This year, Create2Destroy team will be doing close coverage of the event. Taste tests and perhaps even interviews. Will definitely be picking up a few prize winning sauces to get crafty with back at home. Cant wait.

National Buffalo Wing Festival

You've Been Served...


A bit of old fashion In Out In Out

Just got back from my lil coastal Cali roadtrip , and had my first run "in-n-out" - get it? Haha. Anywho, these little beasts are amazing. Even the milk shakes were yummy. Fries - delicate, not over salted. The whole meal leaves you feeling fresh, not heavy. All the hype is true. All the east coast freaks bugging out about it were right. Its the bees knees and cats pajamas all in one. I miss Cali.


Gas Prices, Why Is It So High?

Get a bike, son!

Oh Nike

Yep, it still goes on. I was really hopping, deep down, that we're past this, but apparently not.
Now, I haven't worn Nike in YEARS and YEARS but over the past 12 months I've collected a half dozen pair, mostly for biking - so how am I supposed to act or feel about this, since ultimately I do like the way they look and feel. Do I stop, do I keep going - I guess not buying Nike is the least one can do to send a message, or do I just go on with buying their blood shoes?

Thanks to Tonicfab for the info!

But whoever makes these shoes, makes some comfy ass shoes. Its a love hate shmeal. Just got some Nike 6.0 Seagle kicks. Grip the pedals like mad while making the ladies go Whawahweewah or something like that.


Longing For Hot Buttered Soul

I was first introduced to Isaac Hayes in elementary school via the Shaft theme song. Not the movie, only the song. I saw the movie a few years later before I was a teenager, and it didn't stand up to the song. After that introduction, I saw him (again while in grade school) in Escape From New York. Now, when I was a kid, they played this John Carpenter classic all the time on Detroit channels 50 and 20, and it was fuckin awesome. Hell, they even had the Crimestoppers song throughout the movie. What more could you want as a kid???

Fast forward to a few years later in high school I start buying old records looking for breaks and good music. In the beginning, Isaac Hayes was on the top of my list for digging. I heard his music and was blown away. I had to have Walk On By, The Look of Love, Ike's Mood I, Ike's Rap III, and the Truck Turner album. Good times, and a great introduction to the massive amounts of music out there. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way about his music. I can only imagine how many kids were conceived to his tunes. Hip Hop owes some big respect too. Hayes was sampled to death. Freddie Foxxx, MOP, Foxy Brown, 112, Bushwick Bill, Compton's Most Wanted, Cypress Hill, Faith Evans, MF Doom, Biggie, Pete Rock, Tupac, Volume 10, Wu Tang, Westside Connection, Above the Law, DJ Quik, Ed OG, Ice Cube, King T, NWA, Public Enemy, Group Home, Brand Nubian, Massive Attack, 3rd Bass, Allure, Ashanti, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Lost Boys, Mary J Blige, Monie Love, Smif n Wessun, Snoop, Special Ed, Alkoholiks, Beanie Sigel, Biz Markie, Das Efx, Jeru, JVC Force, Korrupt, Naughty By Nature, Lox, Warren G, Mobb Deep, Beastie Boys, Camp Lo, Guru, Cormega, DOC, E40, Big Daddy Kane, Big Noyd, Ghostface, Portishead, OC, Gza, BDP, Eric B and Rakim, Inspectah Deck, Kool G Rap, Jungle Brothers, MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Ultramagnetic MCs, Spice 1, Mase, Group Home, Dr. Dre, Blahzay Blahzay, Outkast, Geto Boys, Scarface, Destiny's Child, TLC, KRS 1, Gangstarr, Stetsasonic, King Sun, Redman, Blackstreet, Boogiemonsters......... whew! I think you get the picture.

And then there was Chef

You leave a lasting legacy and will always be remembered.

Thank you personally for the introduction to digging.



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