Subrosa Chronicles V4

I like this bicycle. Feels great to ride, reliable, fast. Realizing that the frame is a bit heavy, I'd love an aluminum frame, but that's not happening anytime soon. Giving it a lil GoPro love. Also a bit of a fan of the view from the roof - except the fisheye makes the city look 100x farther away then it really is. The grease on the lens is a nice touch too.


Good Tunes for YOU!

I'm lovin that Drop of Poison track. Good stuff. Pork pie. Plus that lil white dude at the bottom there, Arkade, has a surprisingly nice flow.

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today V46

Beautiful days out there. Perfect for little foot jams on crubs and wicked skids. In anticipation for the skidding season I'm ordering some new tires for both, my Malum and Kink today. Be safe out there!


paperbike v3 - LIMITED EDITION - 100 deep

Limited Edition 3 pack - 3 setups - 3 colorways. Set one up for street, one for park and one for dirt. Build 'em, line 'em up, stare at them - why not. 100 Deep Anniversary Limited edition = only 20 sets will be made. Ultimate power and strength. True speed and energy. Tremendous essence and focus. GET SOME NOW



I can't wait - see you soon enough.


Zodiac Mix Series Part 5: Taurus

So this time around C-Sick goes strong, stready, and with no surprises.  It is a pretty straight mix of midwest flavored house and techno in case anyone needs some road trip music on their way to Detroit for Memorial Day weekend.

Taurus Tracklist:
moodymann - wednesday night people
kelli hand - escape in detroit
omar-s - foe show
charlie banks - saying what
orlando voorn - power of beauty tribute to mix
kenny larkin - dark disco
daft punk - teachers eats sloppy re edit
kerri chandler - red lights
marcus mixx - special creme rub it mixx
robert hood - escapes
solomun and stimming  - eiszauber  motorcitysoul remix
deetron - collide
aril brikha - groove la chord deetron remix
kevin saunderson - just want another chance john tejada remix
AnD - a1
darko esser - clean slate dvs1 remix
attias - analysis
claude young - quicksand
untold - little things like that
adapta - isokon lawn
the plan - 8 miles wide
artistry - the worker
dj dodger stadium - eastside clap
jay denham - germs


Ruckus T-Shirts Available In The C2D Shop

 We got a fresh batch of shirts from our boy Ruckus up in the shop.  Available in all sizes.  Limited run so get em before they are gone for good.


Best Of Cell Phone Pics 23

 its a classy beverage
 free bike parking in crown heights
 Got those Sean Price seats at the Mets game
 The last of the Brooklyn Pliny's
 Brooklyn Big Body
 Futurama fan


Dirt roadie

I don't always ride my road bike, but when I do, I ride like this.


The Food Life V55 - Eats

A little green tea lava cake action. Some pulled pork tacos + enchiladas. Koran fusion hot dog. Chorizo and salty beef taco. Mediterranean Platter. A bit of a pickle on hot dog action. It's eating season.


J Dilla Rebirth Of Detroit Plus New Danny Brown Vid

New Jay Dee project coming up soon, Rebirth Of Detroit, available in June, and a 10" single available end of this month.  The single will have the Danny Brown song below, along with Birthright.   I don't see any tracklists yet for the full album, but lets have fun and speculate who will be on it.   Right off the bat, I'm eliminating all Cali artists, so no Madlib (I mean, it is called Rebirth Of Detroit).   I'm a say Frank N Dank, Elzhi, Houseshoes will have a skit or something, Guilty Simpson, T3, Phat Kat, hmmm,  what you think?   Suggestions in the comments


Mitch Ropelato - Raining on Saturday

Mitch Ropelato - Raining on Saturday - More Mountain Bike Videos

Mitch Ropelato is a World Cup downhill mountain bike racer. Mitch Ropelato also flows the fucking shit out of this Salt Lake City skatepark in a manner I approve of.

New Mixtape And Video From Fatt Father

Been a fan of Fatt Father since hearing THIS MIXTAPE.   This new release from the Fat Killahz member has some gems on it, and features MarvWon, Monica Blaire, Fat Killahz, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Trick Trick, and production by Mr Wright, Black Milk, and Jewels.   Good shit

You can download the new Fatherhood mixtape HERE

Archie Pelago Mix For Mary Anne Hobbs

Archie Pelago Mix For Mary Anne Hobbs from Archie Pelago on Vimeo.

Nice video of the Archie crew recording their mix for Mary Anne Hobbs show.  Highly recommend seeing these guys live, as they are some talented artists, however, they will drink up all yer IPA's so be careful.


Roman Fl├╝gel - Lush Life Libido [Dial]
Archie Pelago - Brown Oxford [Mr. Saturday Night]
Archie Pelago - Chronomancer [Dub]
Archie Pelago - Avocado Roller [Well Rounded Individuals]
Distal + HxdB - Booyant (Archie Pelago Remix) [Tectonic]
Archie Pelago - The Fabric [Car Crash Set]

Get more Archie Pelago HERE

2 Hungry Bros

Some nice New Jersey crate diggin hip hop for ya'll to groove on.   Thanks to Homeboy Sandman for puttin me on to this one.

Plenty more over HERE


Painted with Candy, Washed in Acid: An Elliptical Review

A pretty unusual and interesting review. Give it a read.

by Andrew Berardini

Dasha Shishkin
6006 Washington Blvd , Culver City, CA 90232
April 7, 2012 - May 12, 2012

Henry Darger, R. Crumb, and George Grosz all found themselves, elbow-to-elbow, drinking hard at the same shitty bar.
“Ach! This place is such a stinking pit of depravity!” said Grosz. “Nothing but the most nauseating perverts and prostitutes, corpulent capitalists assfucking priests and army men. Disgusting.” He growled and then took a deep draught of his golden beer, licking the foam off his lip. A roach crawled up to a splash of wet beer on the bar and Grosz brushed it off with a resigned sigh.
“I know, isn’t it great?” said Crumb, barely looking up from the napkin where he was inking a self-portrait of thick legged ladies walking all over him as he cooed with pleasure.
Darger, heavily sweating, nervously wiped his hands on his shabby janitor’s uniform, sniffed twice making his bushy mustache bristle, and continued drawing pictures of little girls and their coming war in the pages of his worn notebook.
“It makes me puke. Blah. Especially the prostitutes, makes me so angry. All of my pictures, I want to draw the prostitutes, though some might call them wives, in squelching orgies with all the rich, stupid profiteers, with brutality, clarity. All of the grotesquerie of this terrible shithole.”
“I mean, I think girls are sexy too George, but they are just cum sinkholes for rich guys,” Crumb said as he cross-hatched the true roundness of one of his stomping women’s plump derriere.

“Magic... must be protected...” mumbled Darger, making the sign of the cross.
“All I see is the corruption. They are all dripping with poison. Most of the women I draw are prostitutes.”
The bartender, slowly polishing the long bar with a soft white rag, chimed in, “And what really do any of you know about women?”
“Too much,” replied Grosz.
“Not enough,” replied Crumb.
“Women?” replied Darger.
The bartender laughed a ringing laugh, pouring a long tall shot of whiskey.
“That’s sort of what I thought,” she said, drinking the shot with languid precision.
“It’s not that I don’t think you guys aren’t all fantastically talented, but girls have their own way of being gross, bestial, sexy. We have our perversions and sufferings, self-inflicted and imposed. We, like you, can sketch them out, slashing each line, with each of us pouring out our own weird visions. Perhaps it’s time ladies got to pour out their own bizarre, elaborate fantasies and nightmares about our own bodies, men’s too if we feel like it. Purposeful in task, we can paint them with candy and wash them in acid. Vulnerability as both a weakness and a tenderness.”
Darger sniffed again, and went back to his notebook. Grosz slowly ran his finger over the rim of his glass mug. The bartender set her glass upside down on the bar. A neon sign buzzed quietly somewhere in the background, the soft susurrus of a distant jukebox turned down low.
“So,” R. Crumb cleared his throat. “What are you doing later?”
“Sorry,” said the bartender throwing the soft white rag over her shoulder. “I’m not so easily pinned down.”


Why I'm Gonna Ride Today v45

Bmx kids, fixed gear kids - all of this jive makes me wana hop on my downhill bike this weekend and slay new and fresh Mountain Creek. Yeah!


Every Cell - The Remix

sushi dinner, hot sake, tall candles and back rubs/
incense, vanilla dutches, ear whispers mixed in with long hugs/
crowded night clubs, red lights, lets marinate at the spot/
get twisted and plot, explore differences you and i got/
kahlua, cream and vodka, thats me, plus my favorite drink/
i live for making you laugh, but also making you think/
the lost link to the formula, life's catalyst/
selective list of pros and cons, long sealed with a "last" kiss/ 
just couldn't breathe, had to step out, prop the balcony's door/
so less is more, i'm not so sure, cuz when it rains it sure pours/
not one to force or find faults, i kept my pulse, you keep yours/
facing the source, plenty to fix before there is gold in my words/
the future holds them tulip bulbs along with new life in its folds/
just hope you're there before its cold for the right reason and role/

Bugatti Veyron Papercraft

A great papercraft model. Makes me want to build something complicated and well detailed. Looks like so much fun.