Best Of Cellphone Pics 28

 "big healthy white bitch"
 pet bird
 rooftop sessions
jack move

 daaaaaaaamn rosemary chicken on da grillllll
Wolf Tits


Thrashbike Jam 2012

The Thrashbike Jam is on again, this time at Highbridge Park, so save the date and get hyped!  

Thrashbike Dirt Jam and Mini Street Comp
Sunday September 16th
10am - 8 pm
Highbridge Bike Park
151 Fort George Ave

Some Yoni footage from a prior year:

Alchemist Domo Project

Look, its Alchemist.   I don't care if you don't like the Odd Future stuff or not, this is worth a listen.  Or just get the instrumental version and blast that.   You can download the regular version HERE


Make Stuff

Try it, you might like it.


Doesn't Everyone Get This Urge From Time To Time?

I remember seeing this documentary when I was a little kid, and loving it.   Haven't watched it for at least 20 years until good ol Mike G showed up with it on DVD outta the blue.  What a random surprise.   I guess there will always be an urge to escape or just to get away from everything, and do this Thoreau/survivalist thing.  I'm assuming most people have this urge, or something like it, but I could be wrong, what do you think?

UPDATE:  Did not realize this was overdubbed in Russian, can't find the English version now, but I'm sure it will be up again from time to time.

There is a better quality copy out there, but I can't find it now. There is also a part II.


riding places



Looks like new GTA5 is going to have some road bikes. BMX as well perhaps? Can't wait.

Why I'm Gonna Ride Today v50

New cranks coming in this week. Perfect time to ride out there, the weather is mint. Find time and do it. Watch these below first, then head out. PS I just spent 5 minutes rearranging the order that I should post these videos in because they are all that dope.


Long Way Round

Never heard of this series but it looks awesome and fun. Will most definitely be checking this one out.



Best of Cellphone Pics v27

Fire at Soft Spot. Proper 2002. Welcome. Nakedhipster. Pueerrrtorico! Bridge with ebony. Nurburgring - next summer. Gangsters. Hash head. Our favorite beer - remember?


Pratt Institute Jumps - 2005

January 2005, Pratt Institute in Fort Green, Brooklyn. We saw a pile of dirt and some plywood and decided to session it a bit until we got kicked out by security. Good times.


There must be pee in your cereal

Cruising in the bike lane at a good clip, and passed within 2 feet or so from a swerving runner. Zoom.

Runner Guy: DICK!!!

The man wants conversation, a discussion of sorts perhaps, alrighty then, I slow my steed to a gentle pace.

Me: How rude! You know this is a bike lane and that its indeed legal and safer to run on the sidewalk right?
Runner Guy: Go fuck yourself!
Me: As long as your promise to run in my way when I do that.
Runner Guy: Fucafhdsfhadosifahlkd

 As I sped away the feeling of victory was overwhelming.


Best Liquor Bling Bling I Ever Had

We're down with that commercial shit too, no shame.


Why I Want To Ride Today V49

Power Of The Riff NYC 2012

September 1st and 2nd at Warsaw in Brooklyn:
September 1st and 2nd 2012
SPECIAL GUEST playing a special album set
Poison Idea
Negative Approach
Alpha & Omega
Power Trip
SUNN 0)))
Unearthly Trance
Dead In The Dirt
+ 1 more band TBA

Get yer tickets at ticketweb


Puma Presents Rock-A-Way Summer Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence- Sunday 5 August 2012

Feat: DJ Preservation, Dubbel Dutch, Matt Shadetek, Deadly Dragon Sound, Screechy Dan, Just-Ice, Shinehead
When: Sunday 5 August 2012 12pm - 9pm
Where: Rockaway Beach Boardwalk @ 96th St
Admission: Free
Subway: Beach 98th St (A)

Bonus:  water balloon fight