MC Breed Tribute Mix

Hometown hero and Flint native MC Breed past away this past week. I always liked this guy growing up, watching his videos filmed in Riverbank Park. Then later, he did all the stuff with Slum Village and all that. Pulled out some older joints I had lying around and through it all together the other night. Its definitely not a best of, just whatever records and shit I had along with Proof and some Jay Dee. Enjoy.

Ah yes, I Ain't To Be Flexed With, this was my shit!


Damn it, I wish I saw this sooner

Thanks Zlog! I wish I saw this sooner..... I guess its too late to take back my vote....

Midnight Club Los Angeles

Picked this game up last night. What a great great great game, at least so far. I only got to play for an hour or so. Best incar view + customization out of any racing game i've ever played. Peep the donked up Golf i threw together. She's a 1983, bought it for like 2 grand. OBVIOUSLY i had to throw some 24s on it with a 3" lift - who drops cars anymore? Flat black. Engine is stock, for right now, but ya'll just wait.


New Michelin run flat tires, hot dang!

These look pretty fly. They really need to comeup with some comfy runflat bike tires - sick and tired of fixin flats riding around this glass showered brooklyn.

I Can't Afford To Love NY

Maybe if you sell a few hundred of these you might be able to pay E. Ville rent.

Or just buy one of these handy Mickey's Hoodies with a built in beer holder. Seriously though, if Mickey's is going to make a beer holder hoody, why can't it hold a 40?? Who drinks small bottles of Mickey's?

Monday Beat Selection

Foundation Media push a lot of stuff, with about a 60-70% success rate for my picky ass. You will definitely hear shit from them on HipHopAin'tDead from time to time. Here's a few instrumentals to whet your appetite.

Duo Live
Kev Brown Beat
Tru Paz
Exile Beat
Exile Beat too
Noble Dru
Noble Dru too
J Bada
And this JJ future banger!!!

Check out the new HipHopAintDead mix with DJ C-Sick


Playstation 3 Keypad

These just came out. They seem to be pretty nice, besides being a neat lil keyboard, the whole keyboard pad is a "touchpad", kind of like a touchpad mouse on a laptop.
Could be nice for browsing the webs on the big screen through your ps3, or typing out some message to a fellow videogame nerd about something rather. Its receiving mixed reviews on the internets, but its a must buy for me - i'm really not in the mood for having a keyboard/mouse laying around in my living room. Nice, small, sleek. I like.


Craigslist at its finest


its a long lil write up, but trust me, you want to read this. its too much.

thanks to prolly is not probably - since i stole this link from you.


Polerider and the Veloettes

I don't know why someone didn't think of this sooner. A rickshaw with a stripper pole on the back complete with neon lights.

There's more here, including some vids and the option to purchase official polerider underwear (Xmas is coming up you know).


You Gonna Lose Your Life


Boom Baby!


Anson Wellington

Man, this dude Anson YoWelly Wellington is on some of the east coast shit. Recovering from an injury, he's still locking it down out there where cars drive around and pedestrians walk. Usually known for his brakeless big wheel (24") style C2D team got to cruise with the legend on smaller, baby bikes. Bicycle Motocross Machines, some say.
Anywho, dude rocks any bike he touches. And he can rip a valve off a tube in like 2 seconds- I mean, ruin the whole shit in like seconds flat. Pretty vicious on the drums, pretty sucky at PS3 games. He got a signature BMW frame out there, the ACL, long time comming and well deserved. Thumbs Up Anson. Peep the riding akshon. In one of the clips i let Anson session the hood of my brand new Acura, like fuck it, bustin 180s and such. Beastly. Then he's stalling on a park bench - what?? Lastly, the dude is riding a kiddy slide. I dont wanna boast, but I was the one who showed him how to ride kiddy slides. I pioneered that shit, at least this particular night.

After checkin out the clips, peep his site.... YoWelli.com

Anson Streets 1 from vassili123 on Vimeo.

Anson Street Riding 2 from vassili123 on Vimeo.

Anson Street 3 from vassili123 on Vimeo.

Mirror's Edge Rocks and 2D Game

Earlier this week EA/Dice released a pretty slick game called Mirror's Edge... Behind the evil government terrorism shmeal plot there is a pretty cool parkour gameplay concept that is damn fun. Judging by the demo, the game is mighty sweet, since you get to leap across rooftops and run on walls 30 floors up, all from first person view, which is a first for this type of game. Controls are simple and very straightforward which lets your just flow the obstacles.

Launch Trailer from mirrors-edge on Vimeo.

Some people created a 2d version of the game. Granted its no where near as fun as the original - but its a neat waste of 5 minutes. Check it out.

Mirror's Edge 2d Game


The Bay Meets Detroit (again)

The Food Life: Vol 4

Cheese is delicious. Food is key to fun. I either made it or ate it or both.


Brooklyn night ride and BEER

Nothing too wicked or crazy, but we had a fun lil session. JR came through from BustACap-zona, borrowed my Tonic and off we went. Beer, plywood rides, burden of Jesus, cupcakes, fun. Why not.


Coney After Dark

Accatone came out so I had to treat him to a frosty rainy night out at Coney. Good Times.