Anson Wellington

Man, this dude Anson YoWelly Wellington is on some of the east coast shit. Recovering from an injury, he's still locking it down out there where cars drive around and pedestrians walk. Usually known for his brakeless big wheel (24") style C2D team got to cruise with the legend on smaller, baby bikes. Bicycle Motocross Machines, some say.
Anywho, dude rocks any bike he touches. And he can rip a valve off a tube in like 2 seconds- I mean, ruin the whole shit in like seconds flat. Pretty vicious on the drums, pretty sucky at PS3 games. He got a signature BMW frame out there, the ACL, long time comming and well deserved. Thumbs Up Anson. Peep the riding akshon. In one of the clips i let Anson session the hood of my brand new Acura, like fuck it, bustin 180s and such. Beastly. Then he's stalling on a park bench - what?? Lastly, the dude is riding a kiddy slide. I dont wanna boast, but I was the one who showed him how to ride kiddy slides. I pioneered that shit, at least this particular night.

After checkin out the clips, peep his site.... YoWelli.com

Anson Streets 1 from vassili123 on Vimeo.

Anson Street Riding 2 from vassili123 on Vimeo.

Anson Street 3 from vassili123 on Vimeo.

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