Misc Graffiti (& Graf FAIL)

heres some random stuff that i've seen cruising around various spots that i like...

you've gotta love a tag carved into sandstone with algae growing in it:

well, when it says "Fuck the Police" it helps too...

i've always liked the simplicity and sharp lines of stencil graffiti.
here's one Csick captured in Vegas

and using a classic Reservoir Dogs silhouetter really seals the deal for me. here's another cinematic classic

this seems like a fun crew to be down with...

i picture some tunnel-rat urbex spelunking kids who are bad ass. but i'm probably overthinking it, and its probably some guy like this:

this kid is BLOWING THE FUCK UP in my neighborhood and puts his simple tags on every fucking thing in site. and up until recently, i kind of enjoyed his basic style and use of satanic icons. then he has to drop the ball and slip some nazi shit in...

which really sucks because i LOVE the fact that he is tagging "ALWAYS CHILD MOLESTING" (i'm sorry...but that is just FUCKING HILARIOUS to me!!!). i'm sure he is just a confused youth who is using the Nazi/SS symbols for shock value (like the pentagrams and such classic lines as "ALWAYS CHILD MOLESTING").
maybe giving him some bandwidth and exposure will push him to develop his art in a more positive direction.

or maybe i'll catch him tagging swastikas in my neighborhood and fuck him up...

Dirt Vol 2 - Jumpsy Vid!

This vid is from this Saturday when the Flow Team of C2D crew went to Cunningham park in Queens NY. Was also testing the new C2D video/photo equipment. 1.8 thumbs up. More videos to come, sit tight, loyal readers. Meanwhile - go vote in the new poll and tell us if you change gears or just go with the flow. It is a fun! Alright!?

Pier 62 - Hudson River Skatepark Petition

For some unknown but surely ridiculous reason the bikers might not be allowed into the brand new yet to open Hudson River Skatepark. Why? Why oh why? If you're going to ban the bikes from that park then let all the po-po know that its no longer ok for them to give summonses to kids biking on sidewalks. What do you expect bikers to do? There is already half a dozen parks in NYC for skaters only, surely they dont need one more. Remember Riverside Park, when it went skate only? I was riding by there multiple times just to see NO ONE using it. Some skaters and rollerkids sitting around bullshitting. This is not cool. Let bikes in. Period.



New Music For Shitty Weather

its nasty out, its rainy and miserable. i get to work drenched and consider buying a pair of sweatpants, if it would only stop pouring. but ya know what, im in a great mood. new music in my ears got a smile on my face, so what if im cold, wet, got a black eye, bruised up. Now i got a reason to walk with a limp

new Wu Massacre- Solid - how can you go wrong with a Rae, Meth, Ghost collab project
new Fashawn - Head Nodder
new Devin EP - well, its devin, and he can do no wrong
new Erykah Badu - BANGIN!!! Check her dope single-take video out for Window Seat

its out there, so get it, or wait to hear more on the next HHAD mix (26 and 27 has tracks from all of the above releases, except the Devin).

The Rise 1 + 2

The long awaited The Rise is finally here. Check out part 1 + 2 below. Really wish it wasn't raining - I would love to go hop some curbs today.


Fav Cheat

Dirt Vol 1 - Cunningham













We Need More Of This

Billboard liberation never gets old.


Hangoutkid - Moments

Moments by hangoutkid

Don't let the name Hangoutkid fool ya, no one is lounging. The dude has been hard at work making ridiculous tracks and this new one, Moments, doesn't disappoint. In fact, its one of those beats that makes you want to spit or write something, or maybe just nod your head. We, over here at C2D, fully support your craft, Hangoutkid

Yes Please, FOSS!

This is pretty damn wild. A company named FOSS has developed these new bicycle tubes that are made out of highly elastic rubber/plastic stuff that is both really strong and really light. That is all great and all but the real party trick is in the way one can fix a puncture or a pinch flat/snake bite scenario. 1) Deflate the tube completely. 2)Pull out your lighter and heat up the area with the hole in it. 3) Pinch it shut. 4)Let it cool - then ride away. Wow.

Does this really work? We'll order some up and let you know! We really really sure hope it does - as this would mean you'll never be stranded again! Amazing.

Found this on VVCforce


Mad Bikes

Never too many. All well used. All well loved.

Just wanted to say, bikes, thanks for being there. Your presence is greatly appreciated.


Commodore + What Do You Use?

This is kind of geeky and fun. Commodore 64 is making a comeback, in a fresh new way.
The Commodore is planning a re-release of the old school think box with a Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad @ 1333MHz processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD, fast video card amongst other things.

From what I know, all of these All-In-One-No-Upgrade-Possible machines are only good for a secretary or a super casual user aka they are doomed to fail, but there is something neat about this project. We at C2D like this.

And speaking of geeky stuff.

The poll results for "What do you use" are in. And no real surprise there. Most of you out there, 51% to be exact, use real computers. Oooh snap! No we didn't! :)

22% of you use an iPod, errrr..... Apple computer. Exactly the same number of users are getting by on Magic. So does that mean that Apple computers are magical? We sure think so, we're fans of Apple over here - why else do you think we were accused of slobbering the iPhone knob.

Whatever it is out there that gets you here - keep using it!

7 (22%)
16 (51%)
1 (3%)
7 (22%)


More Music from the Mitten.

So I just got done djing 5 nights in a row. If I hear anymore requests Wacka Flacka i swear i'm gonna lose my shit. In the spirit of recharging my karma after pushing bad shit for days, I wanted to share some refreshing hip-hop from Michigan.

JYoung the General is a friend of mine from Detroit, who is currently going to school at MSU. He teamed up with Dangerous Negro Apparel and Producer Nick Speed, and put out Black History Year: Installment One. You can check out a sample here featuring my favorite Lansing rapper, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y..

<a href="http://jyoungthegeneral.bandcamp.com/album/jyoung-black-history-year-installment-one">The Meeting (Malcolm Vs. Martin) (feat. P.H.I.L.T.H.Y.) (prod. Nick Speed) by JYoung The General</a>

To download the whole release go here:

Anson Grindin Up!

Our boy Anson Yowelli Wellington hit us up with a new edit. Lots of fun lines in there. Street, park or nature, the man is on it. Some serious grinds. Loving all the natural lines with the Rigid/Yowelli's. I been really enjoying my ODB's - if you need some 3.5" bars, you know where to go. YOWELLI!


Spring Sunshine in Cunningham Park

This Saturday was unarguably the nicest day of the year, so far. Met up with 3 of my good people around 11am to take a lil ride around Cunningham park - hit up the pumptrack and the jumps. Even though the riding was mellow and fun, half of our crew took some serious diggers.
Overall it was a great time in the sun, in the forest, in the city. I got a chance to test out my new setup in the dirt, which turned out to be a hoot! My boy Rob aka rpet took a few great shots, check out his Flickr to see many more. Its going to be a good year!

If You Dont Fuck With This Shit Than Eat A Baby Dick

well, i been lovin this track, and glad to see Nottz back on the scene, so when the video came out i was all smiles. boomin!

Detroit Bonus - Big Tone!!!!

extra extra detroit bonus - esoteric Kenny Dixon jr aka moodymann talkin biz at redbull music academy

Detroit trifecta complete


Something Something Health Care....?

Oh wait, is that a new Family Guy....



things you find in the desert

a few sundays back i was out for a ride and stumbled across this gem perched on a steep incline on the side of a hill. the desert is littered with all kinds of trash...assholes drive out there and just dump truckloads of shit. i've found cars, golf carts, boats, and tons of furniture and appliances.

this is the first time i found a camper though...

it didn't appear to have been used as a meth lab, but it was parked at too steep an angle to climb in and look around much.
what's really odd is why it was dumped nearly at the top of a very steep climb....it could have been dropped very innocuously at any number of spots out of view from the major road to the west. but i don't really want to understand the logic of people who dump their garbage in the desert....


I Cannot Wait For The Beef With Omar!

Talk about a complete package. King Driss aka Stringer Bell from The Wire recording some bangin ass shit with 9th Wonder. Do I really need to say more?

Check It

Also, any Wire fans up on the upcoming project taking place in post-katrina N.O.??

big thangs poppin

A Must Have for Times Square Bootleggers

here is some retro/throwback classic gun styling from the '80s. what movie from that era didn't have some kind of MAC make an appearance? i heard that if you look really hard you can even see one in "the Breakfast Club"

it really does have a classic look for kids of our generation though. so crudely machined...so uncomfortable to hold...so inaccurate to shoot. and still so goddamned sexy.

i seriously considered buying this one but held back. they are now made by
Masterpiece Arms (possibly named sarcastically...??) and sell for around $400. there are other sizes and calibers on their website but this one takes the cake for me.

PS-these are Semi-Automatic but Full-Auto MACs are pretty much the cheapest machineguns you can get...generally running about $3k.