Best Of Cellphone Pics Volume 10

Alright, here's my first my first go-round with this series.  Hope it fits ya'll standards
 How we roll, fuck you Dan Goodman
Why alphabet city sucks major balls nowadays, I long for the days when yer kids are dead n gone. GTFO

 Swizzert got stalkers
 Greencard celebration over smoked meats and gallon jugs of brew
 fuck yer fancy ass tv, fuck yer fancy ass satellite radio, fuck yer bose  this baby got a 2.5" screen and an EQ
 Both good, but the Squall is the bomb.   Someone plz make a shirt outta that label.  

 Come to my hood, I got the hook up.   Unfortunately, they can no longer sell beer.
 Also my area, from the notorious dagger palace round the way, RIP, Graham Resort was something special
 prrrr prrrrr

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