Get the Fuck out of the Bike lane!

If you ride a bike in NYC you know how much of a nightmare it can be. Now, i've been riding here for years and years, and i'm not too intimidated about weaving through traffic to move ahead - but at times one wants to just have a easy and fun ride. So when you compare the NYC bike scene to civilized cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin, the scene in this town makes you sick. Cars do not respect bikes what so ever - but I guess thats not news. In fact, cars think that bikes are in the way and that the bike lane is an extra passing or parking lane. I've been trying to my hardest to "ride" into the bike lane parked cars as much as i can, by accident of course, perhaps scratching the paint or kicking in the door. Sometimes if i'm pissed enough i happen to spit onto the bike lane - not realizing that there is a car's windshield RIGHT there for me to splatter my loogie onto - ooooops. I realize, however, that thats not helping the cause at all - infact i bet it makes these driver douchebags more anti-bike. Time to change my ways i guess.

A few people out there actually did something a lil more productive about the issue - and i applaud them. Good job. This city is getting better, but we got a long way to go. Check out the NY Times video below.

NYT Bike Lane Vid

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