Shook Guns Part 6

Shook Guns Part 6:
Continued SCARification

In the last installment of Shook Guns, we were introduced to the 308 powerhouse that is the FNH SCAR-17S. After having its glorious presence in my safe for a few weeks, I realized that even after I acquired some more mags for it, I'd never shoot it as much as my 5.56mm AR15 carbines. Why? Because the majority of my shooting is either in competitions (where 308 is disadvantageous) or training classes (where the co$t of shooting 1000+ rounds in a weekend makes 308 prohibitive). So my dilemma was, I wanted to have this badass gun for the end of the world, and be proficient with it, but I knew I'd never dedicate the time and money to train with it.
The solution?
Buy another SCAR, in 5.56mm...

Luckily for me, there was recently a batch of SCAR-16s imported that had "Factory Blemished" anodizing on the upper receiver. What that means is that these 100% functional and warrantied rifles look ugly, but are several hundred dollars less than normal. I actually kind of like the blems, and the worst case scenario is it becomes a candidate for a camo paint job...

I won't go into details about the SCAR-16S because it is identical in form and function to the 17S, other than being a bit smaller and lighter. It uses standard AR15 mags (i have a few (hundred) of those laying around...), and gives me a cheaper platform to learn the nuances of the SCAR family. Fortunately, there was a Rifle/Shotgun match at Rio Salado Sportsmen's Club in Mesa AZ the day after I got this, so I was able to test it out on targets from 0 to 250 yards.
I was shooting under an alias (can't have too many of those...), but a look at the results shows me in the top 10 for every stage and overall (as well as 3rd in my division).

Video from the CQB Stage:

Random Pics from the match:

bonus vid: (suppressed full-auto M4 action)

it got hot enough to burn the finish off of his silencer:

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