Epic Snowride NYC - Part 3

Here it is, the long awaited Part 3 of the Epic Snowride Trilogy. Brush up on your history by checking out Part 1 and Part 2. There was close to 40 minutes of straight GoPro HD footage and it took alot of emotional mutilation and self control to not just present it to you in full at real speed. If we did, however, that would be a career suicide. We would be a laughing stock of the netwebinters. So it had to be chopped down to like 6 minutes, sped up 300%. I hope you do enjoy, and if you are prone to seizures or easily get motion sick, try to watch as much as you can before feeling ill. Just man the fuck up and stop using made up illnesses as an excuse for being a pansy.

(As a fun fact, pay close attention at 2:30 - THAT is a hasidic "emergency" vehicle with flashing lights.... driving IN THE FUCKIN BIKELANE for no reason even with a shit ton of snow everywhere. Gotta love the commitment - I'm pretty sure hasidic babyjesus hates bikers.)

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