Shook Guns Part 7

Shook Guns Part 7:
Vehicle Emergency Kit

In addition to a spare tire, jumper cables, and some bungee cords, there are some basic necessities one should keep in their vehicle at all times; particularly if they spend a lot of time alone in the less-civilized parts of the world. I have a few items in the trunk that most people would consider practical: hoodie, warm jacket, baseball cap, toilet paper, etc. I also always pack a Cold Steel Spetznaz Shovel, which is a pretty wicked tool for splitting skulls, rendering limbs useless, and hell....it works as a shovel too!

(and it's good for destroying old entertainment centers...)

I generally always carry a handgun on my person, and usually tote an AR15 with me when I'm on a roadtrip. But when you're packing in a hurry, or just happen upon a random excursion, it's good to know that there's always a little "backup" in case you need it.
Hence, the Vehicle Emergency Kit:

Tucked away in the wheel well under the trunk bed, it's pretty much out of sight even if someone goes through your car pretty thoroughly (assuming they're looking to steal, not searcing for hidden guns/drugs/babies etc...).

Pelican 1150 Case, shown with Blackberry 9650 for size comparison:

Waterproof and airtight, there is no concern for the elements affecting the contents:

So what we have in the compact little bundle is a loaded Glock 17 (we all have a few spare Glocks laying around right?), 2 extra mags (51rds total), and 4 AR15 mags (120rds total). Unfortunately, there is not an AR15 tucked away in there. In the past I have rolled with a semi-permanent "Trunk Gun" in a rifle case, but it's just too obvious: if someone breaks into your car, they're gonna see it (and take it), whereas a spare handgun is a bit more discreet. So assuming you packed your "Camping Rifle" to go up-north anyways, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have 120 spare rounds stashed away.

Not exactly my choice for a "Go To War" kit, but this should be enough to deter a small mob, or at least persuade the neighboring campsite to shut their kids the fuck up:

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