The Food Life: Vol 26 - Fine Food Edition

Needless to say, we don't play around here at C2D when it comes to food - so therefore naturally we been out there hitting the finest of restaurants really heavily. Pretty much the only way we know how its done. We got some serious deserts like french vanilla icecream puff with bitter chocolate sauce. We got some duck and truffles with pomegranate sauce. We got some foie gras with peaches. We got a ridiculous flank steak with chumichurri sauce, I mean, what else do you expect? We got some spicy pork in a fried plantain bowl. We got some fresh chorizo enchiladas. We got some veal and mushroom meatballs. And last but not least lamb, pork and beef platter with seasoned sweet fries. 2" thick cut bacon for the soul. C2D aka Eat Right.

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