Guf - learn the language just for this

I mentioned this guy Guf before, a few months back. I don't know much about the Russian hip hop scene as of late but this dude seems to be killing it over there with the lyrics and the beats. I absolutely loved his last album, its one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again, straight through, no skipping - imagine that!!! If anyone from Moscow reads this blog, and sees my love for Kasta, Krec Assai and Guf, which are, more then likely, 3 huge commercially successful rap acts from Russia and are looked down upon as sell outs, they might be dissapointed with me. But fuck it. I take what I can get - I tried reading up on russian hip hop blogs about whats what, but Russia, just like any hip hop loving country in the world is entering the bling bling era that's been plaguing USA for awhile now. Its all about the shiney mindless HD expensive videos and club bangas nowday. The blogs are full of that bullshit. Russian hiphop is full of garbage just like US hiphop. But thats where a video/song like this comes in. Guf is talking about his love for his city, Moscow. Great wordplay, great delivery, great beat (must admit Guf laced this much better then Sage Francis). Thumbs up all around.

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