Grime Bicycles

Grime is a fixed gear clothing company that started up just a few short months back and just got around to putting their first frame out there. 26" wheel specific frame. I like the looks of it. Built up, it looks like a beefy old school MTB with chunky tires - if I didn't know it was fixed I would think its a sweet commuter with a coaster brake. Not exactly sure how I feel about the name of the frame, a bit close to Yowelli, but I'm sure there is plenty of Yo's out there for everyone. I must admit, I love the looks. While FGFS might not be for me because its nearly impossible to do, I always appreciate someone doing bad ass business on any bike. Grime rider Wonka kills it in a shot below, which I swiped from Prolly's site - its a good one. Makes me want to get my Capital out there and hop some shit and take some pics. Just want to say sorry to all of my bikes, the god damn Malum is just too damn fast and easy to ride.

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