Hit And Run Police - A New Approach To Fighting Critical Mass?

NEW YORK (WABC) -- An NYPD officer is under arrest for hitting a bicyclist, and not reporting it.
The accident happened in Brooklyn and was all caught on camera.  The charges against the officer are assault, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.  The victim in this case was a cyclist, and the driver was a New York City police officer.  Surveillance video was released Tuesday night by the Brooklyn DA's office.  Officer Louis Ramos was on-duty in a marked patrol car when he struck the cyclist.  This was after he allegedly ran a red light and drove on the wrong side of Jay Street in Brooklyn.
Ramos and his partner did get out of the patrol car to check on the victim.  They gave him tissues to wipe up the blood, but after several minutes they left, apparently without reporting the incident.
There was no radio call, and no paperwork ever filed.  It was the cyclist who reported it after being treated for a broken hand, a broken tooth, and a broken nose.  The cyclist also suffered facial cuts that required stitches.

Officer Ramos is assigned to Transit District 30 and has 19 years with the NYPD.  The incident happened last month, and Ramos is currently suspended.  He was arraigned on the indictment Tuesday evening.  His attorney could not be reached for comment.


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