Colorado Dreamin

I love a good vista more then anything. That is by far my favorite thing about traveling. When you got a seriously breathtaking view you don't need anything else. These pictures don't do justice to the beauty of Colorado. Last time I was this overwhelmed by a view was in Rio de Janeiro. When I see something like this, I immediately begin to imagine what it was like back before all the towns, roads, steel and concrete got erected all over the damn place. All this messy infrastructure. Imagine yourself with hundreds of miles of journey ahead of you, on foot, and you come to one of these rolling hills and mountains and see exactly where it is you're headed. Take a good look around. Pick a good place to set up camp, somewhere not to windy - last thing you want to do is wrestle with the fire after a straight all day hike. Pack a pipe under 100 billion stars. Ration out your bread and water, it may be days before you can re-up. No one knows you're here. You are at peace.

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