A Quaint Sit Down With Dizz1

Well, first off, if you are unfamiliar, shame on you, but get these tunes playin in the background while you read ahead, for the full immersion experience.   Dizz1 makes some dope bassed out beats, and you need to soundcheck that shit.  HHAD faithful already know whats up.   

What's his story, what makes him tick, is it true he fought in the Outback Zombie wars?   Well, he got started as a drummer, and then he made the switch to scratching and djing at 14.  With Jam Master Jay,  Evil E, and Terminator X as inspiration, he had no choice but to go to work on his dads records, only to catch a few ass whoopings (ah the memories) .  Dizz copped his first MPC in 2000 and from there has moved on to his Rane TTM57, KP3 when on the decks, and for producing, Ableton Live 8 Suite, UAD2 plugs, a Virus keyboard, and UAD 2 laptop solo card.  

Hailing from Australia, he comes from a scene boasting heavy sound systems (Void, Space Is The Place), and some bass dons like Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek.  But here at C2D we have to ask the important questions.  We hit hard like A Current Affair.  Of course, that means questions about food and booze....

9 Questions for Dizz1
Fav cheap eat:
"One of those places that doesn’t look like much from the outside but the food is ridiculous!  It’s a Vietnamese joint called Pasteur on George st Sydney. Number 13 on the menu is the shit and they do a mean pho too"

Fav drink:
"Gin and soda"

Dream Venue:
"Corsica Studios in London hands down! Actually there or plastic people. Both incredible sound systems and I’ve had crazy times at both so they my faves! All about the sound system!"

Fav Video Game:
"I was untouchable on Street Fighter 2 back in the day"

Best zombie defense weapon:
"My studio tan, they think I’m one of them and when they least expect it, POW, right in the kisser!"

Supplies for a long ass flight:
"My lappy and some sleeping pills for when the lappy battery dies!"

Shoes to get hyped on for 2010:
"Shout outs to Feit shoes, my boys in Sydney make em and they are the bizznits"

What are you listening to now:
"Ricky Gervais podcast"

What releases are you looking forward to:
"Stereotyps next album, Africa Hitech’s new album and my new album! : )"

You can hear more from Dizz1 by buying his EP 3rd Time Lucky on Kindred Spirits.   Keep an eye out in your area too cuz he's touring like a mad man.   

Shouts to Dizz1 for taking the time out for this.   Holler at us when you come to NYC!

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