Chase who? Just call 'em Brooklyns

I love these shoes. I wouldn't say I love all Loteks, alot of them have really crappy build quality and grip, but I absolutely MUST say that I love this style.

Originally known as Lotek Brooklyns, they came in low's, not mid's like these, but after Edwin DeLarosa left Lotek for DC these were no where to be found.
I'm not a big fan of buying the same shoe twice, let alone same style and color, but I went through 3 pairs of these. Something so pleasing to the eye about them. Simple and rugged.

Like I mentioned earlier, they don't grip all that super, compared to some 6.0s or Vans, but this shoe is about more then that. Its about taking me back to 2004-05, about pointing that .243 off a 4 foot loading dock, about rollin through Battery Park 18 deep, about being able to show up to Union square at any time of any given day or night and meeting a crew of riders. I miss those days - and if these shoes can take be back there for a second or two, I'm all about it.

Nowday they are re-released as Lotek Chase something rather - cop them all over the internets for 65$ - so worth it - I got these from Albes. I am MOST definitely buying 3 pairs of these just to stock up.

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Stoked said...

sweet i still have a pair of lotek brooklyns. lotek re-issued them not too long ago as a collabo with skavenger. they look a lil different.