Mishka Keep Watch Vol 6 Mixtape

Now, normally i'm REALLLLLLY not a fan of Mishka and their gear. Purple and neon green cheese with weak graphics. Plus the whole use of russian words/slang/saying and Cyrillic, while clever as a gimmic, rubs me the wrong way.
Maybe its beacause I'm russian and I read/see all this shit, see how simple it is, and wish I've done it?? Or maybe because I'm not hip enough to rock/rub/roll* their fitteds and flanel vests? (*note the delicate BikeSnobNYC nod) Who knows, but Mishka = Medvezhye Govno. See? I just did it, you dont know what it means, which means it must be pretty neat, even if it actualy says "bear shit".
Regardless, we're not talking about clothes here, its about a mixtape they just dropped. I dont know how often these happen, this is actualy the first one I ever got from Mishka, but its solid. Worth a listen, get it here.


Anonymous said...

This is a dope mix. Love the La Roux and The Streets Remixes towards the end.

Curtis Chorizali said...

yea. the streets was a good touch.