C2D x Bike Industry complete - First Blog to Offer Completes

In a typical Create2Destroy fashion, we've officially became the first blog to have their own complete production bike. Below (and above) is C2D Fall Back , the first of a range of models that C2D Bike Fabrications will offer. I could bore, or perhaps, excite you with the tech talk about all the titanium and carbon bits sprinkled throughout this build, but that would be outside of C2D character. Wheels are 26". There is only one brake, disc, mechanical. A tall seatpost with a fine italian saddle - remember - this is not a stunt cycle. Hard tail AND hard nose. An all out performer, street shredder, food getter. Bedstuy to Dumbo in less then 17 minutes on this beast - its fast. Fire blue, C2D team color, is glazed on the main body.

We have 2 dozen prototypes available now, with a very mean exclusivity policy - think Ferrari Enzo.

Contact us for a chance to own one or to schedule a photoshoot.

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