Them Bling Bling FiveTen Freerider

There are these riding shoes out there, FiveTen Freerider is the name. Sure sure, not the cutest mountain slippers out there, but they have this magic sole (supposedly) that is giga sticky to such things as....... bike pedals! I've been meaning to get some regular and strange 5.10s for a while now - but the looks of them just dont do it for me. So when I found out that there will be a freeride specific, yet more conventionaly appealing pair of 5.10s comming out, I was as excited as one can be for some riding shoes - because after all, there could never be too much grip between soles and pedals. Unless of course you take your feet off the pedals for stunts - which I most scertaintly do not.

But here comes the snappy part. These puppies are 95$. They dont look any different then any other skatey/bikey/Van-ster shoe, yet they are twice the price like some purple neon limited Nike Dizzydunks. Hmm.

Now normaly, I tear through riding shoes like nada. A few months maybe. And these are supposed to be super soft and grippy.... which could potentialy mean they will wear out that much quicker - just like sticky tires. Am I wrong? Am I right? Should I just read some reviews to find out how long these last? What should I have for breakfast besides this coffee? Why is it so fuckin cold out and its end of March?

I just dont know. But I might buy these - call me George, cuz I'm curious. Get it?

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Unknown said...

Buy them fools, only get them in the new scribble version! They are a little more spring/summer friendly with the color scheme. You won't be disappointed in the long run....