Best Bang for a Buck or two

Man, once in a while you come across a gem and you dont even realize it. A diamond in the rough. Most will never experience it - perhaps its the lack of adventurous spirit or that frightened taste palate. Or perhaps its that 51 oz brown plastic bottle and the $1.99 price tag - with 8% alcohol count to boot. Damn. It had to be done.
To show the scale, we compared to the regular and the ducequad bottles. Dont mind the artsy-fartsy organic beer.
We approve. Its delicious AND does the job VERY well. Never seen it anywhere - only in Bedstuy.

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Anonymous said...

damn....i just discovered Baltika here in PHX, but its only in a pint bottle (and still $1.99!!!).
good for sneakin' in to the theatre though.....
i'm all over that on my next NY visit