GTA4 - 4 Radio Stations Revealed.

38 more days until birth.
Rockstar gave us a taste of the madness to come, this time by giving us a little selection of the radio stations we'll be flipping through while speeding down Liberty City sidewalks, running from the law.
Peep the link below for the sampling. Its not bad, we got soul and afrobeat, we got party hits, we got a talk show stuff - most interesting to me is the "Vladivostok" station. For those who dont know, Vladivostok is the MOST south eastern point of Russia - the last stop in the Trans-Siberian railroad. Next stop - China "type of thing". First two tracks previewed for the station are "interesting" - the last one is kind of dope. Forget it, all of it is dope - so fresh to hear the language/humor that most will miss and ONLY the Russian speaking GTA4 players will catch. Basically, if you wanna know whats up - you better play GTA4 with me.

4 Radio Stations

Peep the screen shots too - motorcycle in the subway tunnel, what?? Cant wait.

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