Doughnut Plant All Day

Forget it. I dont even know what to say. These doughnuts brought me back to when I used to run around on Moscow streets. They got the yeast and cake doughnuts. If you know ANYTHING about doughnuts - yeast is the way to go, none of that fake, Americanized cake doughnut nonesense, although the Tres Leches cake one is a psychodelic thunder blaster of flavor. Trust me. Add a lil "REAL" hot coco to the mix (forget the powder shit, THIS is the biz), or perhaps a nice Chai..... yum. Perfect for a first date, or for the day you get broke up and want a nice treat. Perfect. I would go everyday if I could - and I do. ONLY in NYC....well, not counting that Tokyo location that I randomly bumped into at Shinjuku square subway, but its a bit easier to hit up the Lower East side one. Go there! The hours are a bit irregular, the place gets packed and they do sell out of doughnuts, BUT, its the best treat spot in NYC, easy.


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