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I miss Fat Joe, the real Fat Joe. Strictly Joey Crack, his years on Relativity, and a few joints here and there on Atlantic. No iced out teeth (ugh!), no Swizz Beats production, no wack beefs with 50 Cent, no wack collabs (I won't even name names). Sounds like he might have had a flashback to his classic DITC days on his new album, The Elephant in the Room. Its not like we can expect another Represent, but at least we got "That White" with Primo on the boards. And if that's not enough, check "My Conscience" with KRS and an Alchemist beat. If you listened to DJ Eclipse's Halftime Show 10th Anniversary, you'll recognize this instrumental. Fat Joe, I hope you keep your big ass chains and fur coats in the closet for the rest of this album. Make some more joints like this or else supply us with some accapellas so we can hear random remixes like this.

Album out on March 11 so show some support.

Maybe someday, we'll be back here again:

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lovin that first pic!