Do you like HipHop?

Hey ya'll. Do you like hiphop? The beats, the rhymes, the themes. Do you only like rap songs with lyrics you can understand? Not relate to, but understand? I'm talking different languages and shit.
Well, if you're a real hiphop fan you surely love hiphop in any and all languanges. German.... French... Russian....A thousand other languages...... Well, while I might not know too much about other languages, but I know a thing or two about Russian Hiphop. Give it a shot.

Kasta, Krec Assai, Triada, Som Clan and Gek - in that order. That should get you started. DOPE DOPE DOPE lyrics about real stuff, none of that broken wordplay sloppy bullshit, its real poetry. Sick ass beats, tight production - what more do you want from good hiphop? A verse from Lil Wizzy talking about drug dealers on Mars?? 50 singing to you, in great detail, about how exactly his Maybach 62 is going to impregnate your girl? Souljah Boy telling you to YARRRRRRR? Fuck that. Expand your taste palate any way possible.

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