The best part about not having a real job is you have a lot of down time. Sure, interning for c2d is hard work, I spend more time frying up grilled cheese and salami sandwiches, filching tall boys of Steel Reserve from bodegas, and beating and robbing small-time dealers for Mssrs. Estero and Chorizali than actually blog-related, but I do get out to ride every now and again.

This week, after "accidentally" leaving my pager at c2d's luxe HQ (they won't even give me a goddamn cellphone, much less a computer to work on. I'm at the library now), I headed out to Cunningham Park in Queens for a dirt jump and pump track session. I hadn't been out there since last fall, but it's worth the trip. The pump track is big and tricky, you need to be on your game to keep your speed up through the whole thing and it will let you know when you suck at riding it. The DJs are the same way, camelbacked tables to keep it legal but big and tricky, and you better land each one perfectly or you'll be bailing out and schlepping back to the start hill rather than coming through the return line like a man.

Or, there is always the option of overshooting the f**k out of something and using your shin and pedal as a braking mechanism, right before jamming yourself into a huge mudhole, like me.

The trees have filled in nicely and the jumps are in great shape. Wish I could say the same for my shin. Keep in mind this spot is wholly maintained by volunteers, so keep an eye on sites like nycmtb.com and climb for workdays, although there is usually a crew out on Dirty Thursdays every week. Come through and help out.

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Stoked said...

eewww nice shiner, gross. looks like a good day otherwise.