Anson BMW ACL bikecheck

Caught up with Anson YoWelli Wellington recently and he had some nice words to say about his signature frame Brooklyn Machine Works ACL - and the bike built around it. Been meaning to get a bike check from him for awhile - for the amount of abuse Anson dishes out to this ride, it remains set up crispy and feels tight like a drum. The second you get on it, you feel right at home. The fork might seem a bit steep, but the bars balance it out quite lovely.

Here is what Anson had to say:

"I like my Brooklyn ACL, it's everything I want in a bike, it's responsive, strong, and doesn't nag me (like needing repairs every month). Its pretty lite at 27lbs with solid parts, I can easily get it sub 25 or even 24 but I want to feel secure, you know, don't want to worry when I bail or when I throw it at the ground. I recently put pegs on cause I've been riding more street than dirt on it lately (yes I actually ride the trails sometimes) and it feels solid on the grinds. The geo is tight too so big hops and spins can go down without blowing out a hernia. I love my bike not to sound soft but it puts a good feeling in my heart when I ride it, just point and shoot."

frame : Brooklyn Machine Works ACL
forks : Dobermann Tchork
front wheel : Atomlab pimplite
rear wheel : Atomlab pimp
front tire : Tioga FS 100s
rear tire : Tioga FS 100s
brakes : N/A
hubs : Atom lab BMX rear, Demolition Mary Kate Front
stem : BMW Shifty Miget
bars : Yowelli ODB (OverDoneBrakeless) Bar
headset : Colony integrated
cranks : Atomlab General Issue
sprocket : Animal Sprocky Balboa
chain : Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Chain V2 (The Original Halflink Chain)
pedals : Animal Plastic Steve Hamilton
seat : Animal Cush Seat "A"
seatpost : Animal Wedge Post
pegs: Animal

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