Brooklyn, Sometimes We Go A Bit Too Hard

An argument at a Brooklyn party early Sunday exploded into a vicious knife fight that put nine people in the hospital, police said.

Blood was spattered across the sidewalk on Fulton St. near Euclid Ave. in East New York after the sprawling melee, which spilled into a nearby subway station.

"Two girls started arguing and then a dude stepped in and just started waving a knife around," said John Velasquez, 19, a bystander who was injured in the 1:45 a.m. brawl. "He was really drunk."

Then one of the girls pulled out her knife, Velasquez said.

"That's when it got really bad. There was blood everywhere," he said. "I tried to stop the guy from going after the girl with a knife. What does a guy have to go after a girl for? That's when he cut me - two times in the hand."

Livery cab driver Jesus Cabrera, 39, said he saw a teenager being chased into the elevated train station.

"He was running for his life up the stairs," Cabrera said.

Police said nine people in all suffered stab or slash wounds.

Two of the victims, whose ages range between 18 and 48, were women. Five people were taken to Brookdale University Hospital and four were treated at Jamaica Hospital. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

No arrests have been made.

Turn the volume down a bit folks. I aint sayin you gotta be like these dudes, but ya don't always have to blast it at 11.

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