C2D rooftop jam

C2D had a rooftop jam fun party gathering recently, Bushwick rooftop style. Summer evening in Brooklyn are something else. Some harsh rain for a few hours, to break up the intensely humid afternoon, meant that the air was nice and fresh and perfect for some brew, grew and bikes on the roofy-roof. Couple of celebs showed up. Peep Anson Yowelli Wellington in some of the shots. Professor Germ and Digital V of the Dizzy Scars fame made an appearance. Props to Yon The Don aka Gatito Terristo, who is swiftly outgrowing his intern role, and is becoming a resident photog. Props to Loteks for making fun and exciting shoes, eventhough the black pinstripe fell off and is red now - booooo!

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El's in the stairwell, who gwan tell - from my cell, I excel and compel y'all ta tell