5050 Skate Park Halloween BMX Jam 2012

Hell yea, who's ready for this??  You had me a rideable ambulance.    To tell the truth, you had me at Ernest!!!   Know what I mean Vern?   People probably don't even get that reference any more.   That dude was everywhere.  Commercials, movies, even a kids TV show

So there ya have, a BMX jam this saturday, where hopefully I'll see at least one zombie Jim Varney costume.

354 Front Street
Staten Island

PS - I'm not gonna make a separate post about it, cuz the more people that know about it, the fuckin worse it gets, but hopefully Bike Kill will be happening this weekend too.   So get your tetanus shots in advance.   This evidence makes me feel confidence it will be on and poppin as well.  So be ready for that Staten Island/Bedstuy journey.

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