Best Of Cellphone Pics v32

We have juicy and wicked amounts of landscapes and vistas and views.

We have Action Bronsolini really really quick. We have a lil fire and painted waves and fake money and more views. We sincerely do hope you enjoy the pictorials, as they were literally hand selected for your viewing pleasure - rest assured and be aware, this is no coincidence they are up there.

 As the day unfolds this morning the sky is gorgeous, early springy blue. Temperature - brisk. The coffee is warm/hot, done to taste with care, the things are right and about to get righter, the breath is calm. 1 second of peace is worth everything. You hold on to it by walking 1/4 mph slower and noticing 1% more of things around you. Not an easy task for wild at mind but worth the effort. Get where you want to go, just do it.

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