The Food Life: Professor Germ Edition

C2D followed Professor Germ of the Professor Germ and Digital V as well as Dizzy Scars fame.

Germ, who now resides on a goat farm in Istanbul, Turkey, eats pretty much every day, a few times a day, so what we did was photograph the things he ate and then decided to make a blogger post with the photographs of that food.

Pretty cool huh?

Welp, I hope you enjoy all the deliciousness and try to catch Dizzy Scars: Where Are They Now on VH1 this Sunday the 25h at 8pm.


dj c-sick said...

what is that pasta?

Anonymous said...

I heard Prof. Germ was either in Turkey or Indonesia..... hope you guys didnt rattle his cage. He sure does like his privacy. I heard he once set a mountain villa ablaze when pesky paparazzi were on his tail while he was dating Aubrey Plaza. He hasnt been seen since. C2D's reporters must know somebody to get that close to the dude. Good to see he's been eating well.... very well i must say.

Billy Boy said...

I heard he is in LES, i seen him sleeping on a street corner by Tompkins park.

Pasta Man said...

The pasta is manti. I'm Professor Germ's personal chef and this happens to be his most favorite dish besides Chicken Chipotle Burritos with Mole sauce from Benny's.

Anonymous said...

Where i'm from Germ is known as "the president"..... and its obvious why.... look at how this man eats- a true king i must say. A true true king!!!