Memoirs of Flint Michigan pt 1

A few years back I took an NYC hiatus and went back to Flint for a short stay, but due to some legal issues it became a bit longer. I was working construction in the Little Beirut projects and then in some other complex downtown that was a bit Mad Max meets Escape From New York. All the street lights were shot out, it was surrounded by abandoned houses, and full on SWAT raids on the buildings across the street were not uncommon. I wrote the following back then after I punched out.

One of the benefits of working in Michigans toilet (flint), is the wonderful people you get to meet. Tony, his real name is Rolando or Emando or something like that, but because of reasons I will not go into right now he likes to be called Tony. Tony is a regular Flint character, deer hunter,
fisherman, rude, crude dude with a pension for talking about tits and his health problems and how he doesn't seem to like anyone but white people even though he aint. Oh well, the wonders of Flint. So he gets to talkin about his old hair style, commenting on how long my hair is. "I used to have long hair a few years ago, shaved on the sides and short on the top. It grew really long in the back." He then went into details on the maintenance and upkeep of his beautiful mane, and how he couldn't go out in public since the ladies would flock around him everywhere he went and had to touch his plummage. Yeah, I imagine it was a beautiful sight. He is a bit of a paradox, how can anyone who has been in prison listen to so much phil collins???

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Donde Estero said...

Don't get it twisted though, I love Flint.