Memoirs of Flint Michigan pt 2

More excerpts from working in Flint some years ago:

"Yeah, I really didn't think it was gonna get much worse, but boy was I mistaken. With "Tony" filling me in on electrical knowledge like with installing plugs..

him: "Alright now, whats the colors of a black trans am?"
me: " uh.....I don't know."
him: " you know, black with the big gold bird on the hood"
me: "oh yeah, that trans am" (acting like i'm down)
him: "yeah well remember the black wires go with the gold clips."

Between learning aids like that and the constant "whoa did you see the tits on that one" while we drive to get parts or "it should be illegal for girls that young to wear clothes like that." He is quite the classy fellow. Later I meet D. I don't know his real name but he is the owner's son and just like the turtle-faced senior, this guy is a character. This guy has quite the slick mullet, with the half and half consistency of grease and gel, slick back on top, with shiny curls folding down to the base of his neck. Its a real site of beauty. He heard Tony was in the hospital a few weeks ago and D assumed it was the ol " stickin that dick in some nasty pussy." Tony explained it was called Diverticulitus and its from not eating right, immediately followed by D's "oh, you been divin in that nasty pussy etc etc...." I don't really have to on. Later he tells Tony (he always talks to Tony, I have worked three times with these guys and he has barely uttered 5 sentances to me, 2 of which were pertaining to masturbating). wait, let me try that sentance again....Later he tells Tony that he beat his old record..what record is that....2 ladys in one hour. Then he explains how, but it doesnt really matter. He cant work without booze and he won't fuck with a condom, and he's got a pension for strippers, hoes, and X. Something tells me that I really don't want to go to their strip club if they like a guy like this. His auto is also a trophy piece. Brownish-gold 80's big Buick with, not a single part of the body without a dent, usually a big dent, and I dont think the passenger door opens. the hood and headlights are held on by ducktape and a coat hanger and the inside is filled with cig butts. He's got a thing for telling the ritzy ladys of Fenton that park next to him "Hey! Don't scratch my car!!" when they pull up in their Audis or Cadillacs. I even find that funny. He sure is sexy."

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