Black Screen / Frozen PS3 Solution for GTA V Online Update

I had been getting frustrated for a few days now.   I've tried all the solutions I read about online, but nothing worked.    Everytime I would try to download the update I would either get a frozen black screen, a stalled out download, or a frozen download screen where I'd have to pull the plug.   I spent 4 hours trying different variations until on the 3rd day I decided to bypass my router and go straight from the modem to the PS3.   The damn thing downloaded and installed instantly and in a few minutes I was at the character building menu.    All this time, it was the old Linksys router.    I guess time for a replacement.   I just wanted to share this as I'm sure someone else is in my shoes, cursing the PSN network and Rockstar, but all along is was my outdated router.   

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