Bloomberg and Kelly Giddy With Remorse After NYPD Shoot And Kill Banksy

At a press conference earlier today Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly announced that vandal street artist Banksy was taken down early this morning after attempting to flee the scene of a violent stencil attack on a luxury high rise.   The NYPD justified the shooting as they were concerned he had a knife or blade of some sort since he was able to make the stencil.   The city is now safe from the scourge of this menace.  

Police Commissioner Kelly was quoted saying "Hey, at least it wasn't another black kid."

Bloomberg stated "Everyone knows I'm a huge supporter of the arts, but this is not art, and it is not a victimless crime.   These buildings he (Banksy) is attacking have owners, and paint isn't going to remove itself.  How on earth will I be able to encourage my friends and collegues to replace our historic buildings with shiny new ones if we have these mad men running around our city terrorizing the owners."

A gentleman known only as "Weston", an art critic and toll collector at Banksy's Beaver installation in East New York had mixed feelings, but was elated in a sense, as the viewing cost has now tripled.

Score one more for the NYPD Vandal Squad, keeping our city safe from the real criminals.

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