Belly vs Belly 2 (Millionaire Boyz Club)

When my boy Vico the Don told me there is a sequel to Belly I must admit I got pretty excited. As far as hiphop movies go - Belly was the ultimate. Crisp, vivid, on point. It was a 2 hour long music video by Hype Williams, and we all know that dude loves his poppy colors and quick shots. The sound track was fire, hiphopsters turned actors were nice (lets not forget Nas, DMX, Method, AZ and Tboz to name the main ones), plus the plot was alright. That scene at the QB Projects where Nas reenacts that ill verse from "One Love" ....

(I sat back like the mack, my army suit was black
We was chillin' on these benches where he pumped his loose cracks
I took an l when he passed it, this little bastard
Keeps me blasted he starts talking mad shit.....
....Only twelve trying to tell me that he liked my style
Then I rose, wiping the blunts ash from my clothes
Then froze only to blow the herb smoke through my nose)

Damn... that scene was fuckin dope.

The movie was ridiculous. Before I lived in NYC, i remember going to the city with my boy, just so we can drive through middle of Times Square 3 in the mo while burning l's - just on the strength of a scene from a movie (i wasn't sure if i should admit this or not).

But then, a decade later Belly 2 happens.
Now I dont know what possessed The Game (who's music I quite like) to dust off a nice, simple hiphop movie and destroy it by attaching his crappy flick to its title. Believe me, i wanted to like it, but if you expect it to be ANYTHING like Belly, dont bother.

Above i present the two trailers - Belly and Belly 2. The first 20 seconds of the Belly 2 trailer - Oh Sweet Jumpin Jesus. Is he serious. To a person who doesnt care, i could see how both of these movies might look like shit. But to those who care, and those who loved Belly, this second effort is a joke. I dont even know why its called Belly 2, it has NOTHING to do with the original story/location/actors/ideas, anything. I expected something really bad, and I presumed that TI, lil Wayne, Rick Ross, perhaps Dipset will be in this movie. But at least that would have been a bit entertaining to watch them rappers squirm on screen. Its as if the makers of Saw 5 would have named that film Pulp Fiction 2 to try to get unsuspecting people to check it out.
Plus it went straight to DVD, and we all know what that means.
If you care enough here is the link to Belly 2 on youtube.

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