Empire trailer and the fun of biking

Man, i feel like a blog jacker today, but then again, thats like everyday so doesnt matter.
This flick seems like it has something to it. I dont ride fixed gear bikes, or even road bikes or a 10 speed.
My choice of a machine is a single speed MTB city killer convert, followed by a 24" mtbx cruiser murderer and a 20" Kink the Bastard. Each one of those machines is ill for one thing or another. Booyah.
But this trailer manages to capture the FUN of riding a bicycle (any bicycle) in the New York City. Its waaaay too much fun to just get going fast and catch traffic flow while hopping curbs, garbage bags, pedestrians, potholes, basement covers and alligator pits. Tweaking every little bump and hit to the best of your ability.

There is always time and place for cruising and chilling, but like anyone who ever rode with me knows, I love to go fast fast fast (as long as its in jeans/tshirt and not fully decked out in protective gear down a downhill trail, in which case i go slow slow ;) ).
Ahhhh, i miss riding, its been at least 18 hours since my last ride - and thats WAY too long.
trailer stolen from prollyisnotprobably.com

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

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