Tonic Fab to sponsor Create2Destroy?

Could we possibly become the first blog to be sponsored by a bike company? Will Tonic become the first bike company to sponsor a blog? Probably not, but hope dies last. Who knows what the future holds. Sure...... sure we make the big bucks over here at C2D, but THAT kind of beauty dont come cheap and we need all the help we can get. Want us to rename the blog to Tonic Central? No problem! Want us to shower the tri-state with Tonic panphlets and propaganda? EZ Doez It. Perphaps you'd like to go ahead with that Create2Destroy X Tonic Fab X New Era fitted and a matching plastic robot? Bandabing Badaboom.

ALL of THAT - for one of these. Or maybe just a Tonic Tshirt (to review of course). Or perhaps 5 bucks off. Fingers crossed.

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