U Lock Assult

Anyone who bikes in the city has most definitely been in a situation where a pedestrian or a driver fucks up your flow. Alot of times its their fault - but alot of times its ours. The worst I've ever done was kick a few car grills in, punch a few side mirrors, scrape a couple a doors with my barends - and then forget about it minutes later as you move it along.

If you commute by bike every single day you're bound to get worked up and heated over some dumb shit, like..... someone in your way causing you to slow your roll, people thinking bikelanes are passing lanes or making you almost die by cutting you off something fierce. And there has been plenty of moments where I wanted to throw down - and quite frankly, this is exactly the reason why I wear my downhill carbon knuckle insert gloves when commuting - even if its hot as fuck - carbon knuckles to the face would hurt AND when you smash someones sideview mirror with a single punch and zero pain to self, it impresses them and makes them NOT want to fuck with you any longer. You can also just spit on them. I see a car parked in a bike lane from a block away, I get them glands working, clearing my sinus a bit, really get a deep one out, let it spray. I even got heated enough to spit on a cop car that was parked in the bike lane after carefully (but not carefully enough) making sure that the fat lazy cops were not around their police cruiser parked sloppily next to a wide open parking spot. Sure I got pulled over 5 blocks later by some pissed off pigs who gave me a summons for "spitting in public" - which was dropped anyway. Street justice was served with no blood spilled.

BUT this dude took it to the extreme. It didn't seem that he was injured/hurt/threatened by the asian dude - even if he caused him to crash - he should have rode away, he could have pushed the dude. Hell, if it HAD to be done, he may even slap the old fella, but a heavy ass metal U-Lock to the side of the head, 4 times over, with full swing extension and all, beat down style? Thats tooooo much. Way too much. This is how people go to jail for assault with a weapon. Surely this lil youtube vid is not helping much either in the "un-identification" process.

What do ya'll think? Lets take this discussion to the comments.

saw this on prollyisnotprobably.com


Donde Estero said...

Some of these bike messengers run pretty hot. Sometimes I can relate to em, but sometimes they get pissed even though they are in the wrong and they end up looking silly.

like when a ped is crossing street with right of way and bike is pissed cuz they are in their way... cmon now, be a big boy here and dont curse out the 70 year old lady ("bitch") for crossing when she is supposed to.

id like to see the first part of this vid tho

Accatone Becchino said...

that was pretty vicious.
but if you really wanna fuck someone up, put your bike down first...

Anonymous said...

What I am wondering is with all the attention this vid is getting on the web right now... how long before they find the ULock swinger?

Curtis Chorizali said...

seriously. that dude must be shitting his pants.
if i was him i would lay waaaaay low for a few months and deff tape up the bike.
maybe even wear a mask?

Unknown said...

Who knows what happened before the camera was rolling but this was way over the line.

A U-Lock is a 2 lb hunk of steal, he could have accidentally killed this guy. If he were in serious danger of being hurt that's one thing but it doesn't appear that he was.

It's difficult to tell who started the altercation and if it's offense or defense but hitting him with the lock is way too much of an overreaction to anything seen on the video in my opinion.