Re-Up On Those Danny Brown Vids

You already know I'm a fan.

Shootin Moves


By the way, we recently passed the 1000 post mark, so to all ya'll haterz, look at all this internet money we makin over here.   I can buy like 7 or 8 king size Snicker bars with all this cheddar.

So, i know we got the photo contest coming up too, but to commerate that 1000th post, quick lil bonus contest.   

Question:   In the Shootin Moves video above, whats the shop featured in the video?

First one with the right answer in the comments gets the free shit, just remember to leave an email or some shit so I can contact you.     


OFFICIAL_313 said...

The shop is C.O.A. / Coat Of Arms in NYC . My email is jdtd313@yahoo.com

donde said...

Damn that was quick. Hit me up with yer addy and shoe/shirt size info @ createtodestroy@gmail.com

OFFICIAL_313 said...

I sent my info to your email address. Let me know that you've received it. What did I win? Thanks.